Week of 10/15-10/22

Last week was pretty eventful and chipper. Haven’t done this in a while, so here’s a daily log:

Monday night after work Ryan made dinner and we ate together before I left to Capoeira. I usually get off work too late to do anything before practice, so it was a nice exception.

Tuesday night I cooked fried rice and met up with Val to attend a Stroum series lecture at UW by Dr. Schiffman, titled “God, Humanity and the Universe in the Dead Sea Scrolls”. It was brief but insightful, with standing room only in the HUB auditorium.

Shrimp Boil!Wednesday night Ryan came over, I made a shrimp boil, and we watched the Top 50 Most Devasting [Sports] Hits on TV. Wham. Val then came and made her weekly visit.

Thursday night was Irene & Chrysti’s show at Nectar. Since her set wasn’t until late, I had dinner over at Ryan’s and bummed around there first before heading back to my place.

Hungry Pines at Nectar From there, I met up with Julian and Val and we drove down to Fremont for the show. I had never been to Nectar before and it had a nice atmosphere. We sat outside under heat lamps, which I’ve been having a growing affinity for as of late in this cool fall weather. They had a good show and it was nice night out.

Friday night after work, the Grad/Young Adult group at my church was gathering to have mass at someone’s house. So I went over to Paul’s house for mass and mingling. However, afterward I found myself participating in the house poker game, hah. It began with 16-people and despite my attempts to leave early to visit Ryan (I’m all-in.), I just kept winning! I made it to second place, but just ironic that my best game of poker ever was one where no money was involved. It was an intense game and was great getting to know the guys from church.

Saturday I was tired from my two previous late night outings so I loafed around a lot. I did do some errands with Ryan though and we went to Costco, Target in White Center, and bought a pumpkin. Later that evening Kevin and Ash came over and we had a dinner of pasta & meatballs, olive bread, and wine. We sat to the sound of jazz on Ryan’s TV and the light of my electronic “strobe light” I bought for my pumpkin which ended up being five Christmas lights on a platform, hah. Anyway, good times.

Sunday I was up early and headed downtown to attend the 2006 NN/g User Experience Conference at the Fairmont. The session was about eyetracking web usability and it was pretty intriguing how the study of eye movements can optimize design. (More on this in a separate post.) Then, later that evening Jules and Paul hosted a dinner party at our place and had the whole gang was over. Even the cheese and wine spread at the table was impressive. They did a great job and the food was pretty classy. Not to mention, Cynthia came and even baked me pumpkin muffins! I was one glad gal.

And there you have it.

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