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Project Sheets & Towels

Casa Santiago, the sister orphanage of the one I visited in Nicaragua, is in need of new towels and sheets for the children’s beds. If you’re interested in helping out, please see the link below to sponsor one. Sheets are $10 each, towels are only $5.

Learn More About Giving a Sheet or Towel

NPH does good work and they have projects year-round for sponsorship (just peruse the site), but it really doesn’t get any simpler than buying linens for lil’ ones.

Many thanks in advance.

Spa Noir in Belltown

Irene reading in our waiting roomLast week Irene, Chrysti and I treated Val to a massage for her birthday. And what better way to celebrate your friend’s birthday than to join her? So that’s what we did. We went to Spa Noir in Belltown and needless to say, it was a pretty euphoric experience. They even gave us our own little room to hang out in as we cycled out for individual treatments. I’ve been to a handful of spas before, but this one is so far my favorite.

It’s not a particularly fancy place, but I think that’s why I like it so much: it’s not pretentious. It’s a trendy little place with brick walls. They don’t even play the usual elevator music or your typical Enya ballad (thankfully). Plus their prices are pretty affordable and they’re open late. So if you’re looking for a spa in Seattle, I recommend checking this place out when looking for a ritzy hotel alternative.

After feeling very relaxed, happy, and completely out of it, we ended up at Ohana for sushi and drinks. It was a pretty perfect night and we all agreed this could very well be a tradition in the making. To which Val replied that she was already going back in two weeks.

Kite Runner

The Kite RunnerIt’s been a while since I’ve stumbled upon a phenomenal book. I finished reading Kite Runner by Jhaled Hosseini last weekend and it really blew me away. The review from the Washington Post Book World sums it up well:

“A powerful book… no frills, no nonsense, just hard, spare prose… an intimate account of family and friendship, betrayal and salvation that requires no atlas or translation to engage and enlighten us. Parts of The Kite Runner are raw and excruciating to read, yet the book in its entirety is lovingly written.”

Admittedly I was reluctant to read at first, but although it is largely set in Afghanistan (and its violence-ridden last few decades), the book is not so much about the recent events in the Middle East, but rather uses the scene as a backdrop for the plot’s focus on the relationships between the main character and his father, his best friend, and “making things right again”. It’s a true redemption story, a unique and vivid one at that.

If looking for a new fiction to dive into, do check it out.


Changing it Up

Oh look, a new WordPress template! Was hankering to use more of that horizontal real estate that the old layout did not afford. Still playing with this theme though, so little things will be changing. Much thanks to Ryan for letting me use his photo for a header. ;)

Atlanta View

Atlanta, GA
View from hotel room last week in Atlanta, GA

Week in Florida

Happy to report there’s free Wifi in the Ft. Lauderdale airport.

So I leave to Atlanta today and I must say, this is probably one of the better trips I’ve had out to Florida. It was on business, but it was good meeting a client with whom I had exchanged so many e-mails and phone calls with, being in the Ft. Lauderdale office, and just enjoying the FL winter weather. (60′s and sunshine, what more can you ask for?)

On the leisure side, Emily and I went to Miami for the first time and even explored a little of South Beach one night. Most notably though, I met up with an old friend for the first time in over five and a half years and it was stellar seeing each other again. It’s crazy to think how Myk and I are friends as we are now, given that we first met pretty randomly on a cruise ship nine years ago. One day we ought to work out seeing each other outside the context of hotel lobbies, cruise port destinations, and casinos. ;) But then again, makes the friendship unique.

Time to board.