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Chase in Iraq

I was on reading an article titled “Iraqi-U.S. operations hindered by culture clash“, which described the ineffective cooperation between American and Iraqi troops.

Suddenly, my eye caught view of the word “Port Orchard” in the article’s text. I read further:

A cell phone rang and the Iraqi lieutenant left the room to chat, cutting off Taylor in mid-sentence.

“I would have already smacked him in his face,” Sgt. Chase Decker, 23, of Port Orchard, Wash., muttered from a corner where he and three other U.S. soldiers were watching the culture clash unfold.

Chase! It was my brother’s friend from junior high. I knew he had been serving in Iraq, but it was just crazy to stumble upon his name in the headline article of MSNBC, mouthing off in typical Chase-fashion. :)