Wake-up Call

I was waking up, lying in bed at my hotel in DC, enjoying the fact that the alarm clock in the room had an iPod dock, when I heard sirens. “This is an emergency fire alarm. Please evacuate the hotel immediately. Do not take the elevator.” I stumbled out of bed, threw on some jeans, grabbed my cell phone and looked around for shoes; thinking what a silly time to have a fire drill, realizing that maybe it wasn’t, wondering what I should bring. I settled on my backpack, stumbled out into hallway and followed the crowds down the stairwell outside.

We all walked to the hotel across the street, which actually had a free continental breakfast. Folks in bathrobes and business suits joked we all should have stayed there. It wasn’t long when we herded back in. But it was one heck of a wake-up. I meant to work out this morning, but now after climbing the 8 stories up to my room, am now having second thoughts. Another announcement just went off saying we’re required to return to our rooms…not exactly sure what’s going on.

In any case, in DC again. Last day on business. Staying at Hotel Palomar. Was actually meaning to post about how much I like this hotel (I really do) but the above seemed more interesting and of the moment. Ten more hours until vacation.

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