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St. James Cathedral Interior

St. James Cathedral
Taken Friday night at St. James after ecumenical prayer with music from Taizé

Police Officer Bakes Pot Brownies & Calls 911

Be sure to watch at the 20 second mark. :)

Thanks Dave B. for the find.

Frequent Flyer MVP

It’s official. After months of checking my airline miles online, staying loyal to only airlines that offer partner miles, and a taking that extra layover here and there, I knew the day had come for MVP status. It was time to login and check–

Elite Tier Qualification

23,953 miles until MVP Gold !? I knew that Gold status was still a ways off, but I guess I had envisioned confetti and balloons when reaching MVP. Or maybe just an automated congratulatory e-mail with an animated gif of confetti and balloons. Eh well.

So getting MVP for the first time was a little anticlimactic, but I won’t deny that it’s pretty neat to now have it. It represents 25,000+ miles of travel in the last 4 months, specifically to Minneapolis, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC, Las Vegas, and New York.

Anyway, here’s to being able to board first and the prospect of a free upgrade.

Team Events

Last week my teammates from New York flew in for the agency’s annual analytics summit. It was one very eventful week including Happy Hour at Ibiza, dinner at the Pink Door, another dinner at Salty’s, a night out at the Garage, and a final Happy Hour at Fado. Fun stuff, but was quite exhausted by week’s end. Life’s rough.

After a team dinner one night, we decided to go up the Space Needle shortly before it closed for the evening. Here’s a pic of some of us on the observation deck:

Team Pic from LY's camera

As for this week, I was in NYC for work and kept pretty busy. It was my first time in our new office there, which happens to be the old Google space in Times Square. I also had a chance to see Greg, whom I hadn’t seen in a year or so. Hopefully he’ll post pics soon so I can share them here. (Hint, hint.)

Anyway, now that I’ve overcome the jet lag, am looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the weekend.