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Frankie’s College Graduation

Congrats Frankie!!
The family outside Hec Ed after the ceremony

Congrats to my brother who graduated last weekend!! He now has a BA in “Society, Ethics and Human Behavior” (oh the irony). We are all very proud of him. <3

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Leave a Comment

So Nielsen says 95% of blog readers don’t comment. I’d agree with that, especially when thinking of my own blogroll. But what if you gave your blog readers another option to share their thoughts in another way than filling out a form?

To give the concept a shot, I installed the ClickComments plugin, where instead of commenting, you now have the option to just click a button based on your reaction to content. I like this idea of passive feedback. Granted, its creative execution isn’t all that hot, but it’s a start. Here’s a video:

Let’s give this a try, shall we?

Acquisition Day


So as most know by now, my parent company aQuantive was acquired by Microsoft Friday for a total of $6 billion, the largest acquisition in the software giant’s history. Rather than discuss the business-implications of that, here’s what it was like in the Seattle office once the news hit.

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Cinco de Mayo Cuatro


This weekend Ryan and I hosted our fourth annual Cinco de Mayo party at my place. And since my camera’s broke and I’m now in the habit of sharing photos from other folks’ cameras, here are some pics from Kevin. Good times. My fridge is now packed with leftovers, particularly clams. But good stuff!

Okay, fine.

I tend to write blog entries, tilt my head, read, and click “Save”, intending to revisit the entry and edit perfect it later. Ultimately, I don’t. Which needless to say, leads to a lot of unfinished stuff.

It’s kinda lame, really; so here’s me declaring my intent to do otherwise and post the suckers. Just thought I’d explain the new outdated content that’ll appear shortly. :) Enjoy!