Friedrichsbad Baths

Baden-Baden – Day 2

The following day we had breakfast in our cute little hotel above a pastry shop (The Hotel Beeg) and walked around town some more. Most notably, Val brought me to the Freidbrichsbad Baths!

Friedrichsbad Baths

At the Friedrichsbad you lose track of time within 10 minutes and track of the world within 20 minutes

- Mark Twain

Basically you pay a flat fee to progress through the following stations:

1. shower; 2. warm air bath 54 C; 3. hot air bath 68 C; 4. shower; 5. soap and brush massage; 6. shower; 7. thermal steam bath 45C; 8. thermal steam bath 48C; 9. thermal full bath 36C; 10.thermal whirl pool bath; 11. thermal kinotherapeutic bath; 12. shower; 13. cold water bath (immersion bath) 18 C; 14. drying off (warm towels); 15. application of moisturizing cream; 16. resting area

It was really nice and just an experience to walk around this Roman-Irish Bath. I’d definitely do it again, but would avoid passing thru the mixed bathing area (let’s just say “naked old men” and leave it at that)…! Anyway, see the official website for photos of the place, as cameras were not allowed inside. The experience was a bit out of this world.

Me & Val at SushiAfter we were all spa’ed out we had sushi which was pretty perfect. Then had ice cream cones and walked around the town in the sun! Yes, sun. It had evaded me so much this trip and to have the opportunity to bust out the sunglasses was much appreciated.

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