INFO Christmas & Nutcracker Weekend

And Jamie’s holiday blogathon continues!

The following weekend Ryan and I hosted our 4th Annual A Very INFO Christmas dinner party. Saturday was spent all day in preparation, i.e. setting up a table for 18(!), planning the oven sequence, stuffing dates with goat cheese, etc. It was pretty fun getting things together, though crazy as usual during the final hour.

The Menu

Dubliner cheese
Sweet ‘n sour meatballs
Coconut shrimp
Eggroll wrapped shrimp

Zuppa Tuscana Soup (by Trevor)
CPK salad (by Kelly)
Sesame salad (by David & Teresa)

Main Meal
Aus gratin potatoes
Pilsbury biscuits
Almond lemon green beans
Christmas ham

Sea Foam Salad (by Jessica)
Strawberry cheesecake (by Kat)

It was a night of much much eating, White Elephant gifting, and general holiday merriment. Success! Thanks again for everyone who made it, it was great having the whole crew together. :)

The following day I went shopping downtown with my cousin Ernelyn and had lunch at Il Fornaio. Later that evening we met up with Ryan and Ben to see Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Nutcracker.

I had never gone and have always heard about it being a Northwest Christmas tradition, so it was good to have finally seen it, though I’ve decided that the ballet isn’t my cup of tea, despite my short ballet career as a Kindergartener.

Afterward we all went out to Via Tribunali for pizza with my cousin Eric which was really good. The place is quickly becoming my new favorite pizza place in Seattle. Overall, another holiday-tastic weekend.

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