Thanksgiving Weekend ’07

Happy Holidays! I’ve been doing a lot of sweet holiday stuff lately and feeling like blogging it–so here goes. We’ll have to rewind a bit…like to Thanksgiving. (Let’s see how far I get.)

Thanksgiving was nice and a much needed 4-day weekend. Rather than go into specifics, here were the four themes:

Pancit batch 1 of 3
My mom’s pancit for the annual Thanksgiving party

Seeing the Fam
Thanksgiving at the Wright's '07
The cousins on our annual Thanksgiving post-eating/napping walk

Cousins in Seattle
Girls meet the Fremont Troll
Took mis primas to the center of the universe to meet the Fremont Troll

Night out with Friends

The crew at Belltown Billiards, photo from Ly’s camera

There was also visiting Jen’s family, Rock Band, dinner at a casino, and Black Friday Super Mall shopping in there too, but didn’t have representative pics for those. In any case, it was a great way to kick off the Christmas season.

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