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Sir George Martin speaking

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I think I need more bacon

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Client Summit Cocktail Party

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Enlarging a guitar on Microsoft Surface

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Arrival to the Big Apple

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The Griddle

Last weekend when I was in California with family, my cousin Jenny took us to the famous Griddle Cafe in LA. We didn’t see any famous people on this visit; but in truth, the pancakes are the real stars at this joint.

Inside the Griddle

Upon arrival, just reading the menu had me practically hopping in my seat with excitement. The one I picked out was a coconut pancake with rolled oats, butterscotch chips, and pecans…

My coconut butterscotch pancake

It was huge! I’ve never seen a pancake stack like this before, let alone filled with gourmet goodness. It was on.

Pancakes arrive--game on!
“We can do this.”

The inside of my Griddle pancake
Must keep eating…pancake…

Here’s John and I after being devastated by our unfinished, insanely delicious pancake stacks:


I don’t think I’ve ever been so dominated by a food before. Not only was I unable to finish half my stack, but I was upset I couldn’t fit any more pankeke goodness in me, my head was spinning, and it hurt to walk afterward.

In any case, a wonderful experience. I definitely plan to go again next time I’m in town (with Nikki!). Though next time I’ll probably agree to split a pancake with Jenny this time, as she had originally suggested.