Travel Cities 2008

Here are my travels by city last year!

January 10-14 Marion, IN
January 17-18 San Francisco, CA
January 21 Irvine, CA
January 28-31 Chicago, IL
February 1-12 San Francisco, CA
February 19-22 Philadelphia, PA
February 25-29 Baja Mexico Cruise (Catalina Island & Ensenada, Mexico)

April 4-6 Chino Hills, CA
April 9-14 Ka’anapali, HI
April 14-7 Honolulu, HI
April 30-May 3 Chino Hills, CA
May 12-15 New York, NY

July 11-12 Vancouver, Canada
July 15-17 San Francisco, CA
August 19 San Jose, CA
August 20 San Francisco, CA
August 26-28 Chicago, IL
August 29 – September 1 Napa, CA

September 2-3 Plano, TX
September 4 San Francisco, CA
September 25-28 Las Vegas, NV
October 9-10 Chicago, IL
October 11-12 Evanston, IL
December 6-7 Portland, OR
December 27-31 Eden Prairie, MN

You can view last year’s here:

So I traveled to San Francisco pretty often, which was sweet. Interestingly, I had nearly the same # of trips as last year, but traveled a lot less miles: no travel abroad and my BD focus shifted from the east coast to the west/central regions this year. I guess I can’t complain, less jet lag anyway.

Traveling definitely trailed off at the end of this year with the economic slowdown. I went 2 whole months without a single trip for the first time since college! Most markedly, though I traveled a little less frequently, I did more personal travel, including the birthday cruise to Mexico, our engagement trip to Hawaii, a getaway to Napa Valley, and a few smaller trips. So less biz, more leisure; I’m down with that.

Here’s to what 2009 brings…

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