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Fred Meyer from Above

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Ezra in Yo Face

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Birthday Dinner at Barolo

February 23

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Crest is Dead to Me

Two weeks ago I started to notice that no matter how hard I flossed, brushed, and used mouthwash 2x a day, my teeth didn’t seem to be getting clean. I had just gone to the dentist earlier this month and was being particularly zealous with my cleaning routine; so to see my teeth start to discolor so soon after my cleaning left me dismayed.

I started to suspect my new mouthwash, Crest Pro Health, and stopped using it. The discoloration on my teeth started to get better after a few days, but it was still driving me nuts so I started to Google it. And lo and behold, Crest Pro Health is commonly reported to cause teeth staining. What the hell!

Even check out Amazon’s reviews, more teeth staining! Why is this product on the market? A mouthwash that stains your teeth–can they be serious??

I really can’t believe it. Tomorrow I plan to throw out all my Crest products out of sheer disdain for the brand. And pick-up some Colgate.

Biscuits & Gravy = Serious Business

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Seattle: Sun Break at Gasworks

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