Memorial Day Weekend Day 2: Seattle Tour

The next day of Nikki and Jenny’s visit we started off having brunch at Portage Bay Cafe.

Then Ryan dropped us off downtown for some shopping and we worked our way down stopping at Pacific Place, Nordstrom Rack, etc. until we reached Pike Place Market.

Pike Place Market

After fighting the crowds, buying flowers for Lola, and picking up other random items (e.g. honey, lavendar) we stopped by the grassy area outside the market and sat in the sun. Our shopping completed, we then walked up to Westlake Center where we had McDonald’s iced coffee (not bad!) and a Mobatta crepe before taking the monorail to the Space Needle.

Space Needle

I finally got a chance to use my Space Needle annual pass and we went up to the top! Free wine too!

Space Needle

Then Ryan picked us up and we drove down to the waterfront to meet Frankie for dinner. The wait for dinner was a bit long, so we hung out by the pier; it was such a nice day! This is my favorite photo of Ryan’s from the weekend:

Then our names were called and we ate the Crab Pot, “as featured on the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food”, and left not a single crab leg un-cracked or shrimp unpeeled. (Yum, I want a dungeness crab claw right now just thinking about it.)

Seattle Waterfront

After the seafood destruction, we went up to Kerry Park to show Nikki & Jenny one of the best views of the city IMO. Another Ryan shot:

Then it was ice cream time! (naturally). So drove to Wallingford and stood in line at Molly Moon’s and was not disappointed. My waffle cone was even still warm in the perfect kind of way.

Outside Molly Moon

The night ended at Murphy’s down the road where we hung out and had a beer with Frankie and his friend Ken (though beer and ice cream was a questionable combo).

It was an action-packed Seattle day!

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