New York – Day 2

1. Depart the mansion with Jen, Mark & Shar and drive to Queens for dim sum.
2. Eat really good shrimp balls in shark fin soup, chicken sticky rice, and dumplings.
3. Walk around and find neat Chinese bakery and tea shop (black sesame milk tea, please!).
4. Drive Jen to LGA and sit in mandatory traffic jam on the way into Manhattan.
5. Spy the New York City skyline in the distance and become nostalgic.
6. Drop off rental car and hit the streets, lose wheel on baggage, rest back the hotel.
7. Begin hour long fiasco trying to get to Central Midtown during a rainstorm via foot/subway.
8. Meet Ryan at Gilt restaurant convinced we lost our reservation. Get seated anyway.
9. Pick best entree: bouchot mussels with uni, green garlic dry ice cream, and edible shells.
10. Walk around Times Square. Endure humidity and swarms of tourists before subway.
11. Meet DC friends Zoe, Aimee, Angie & Carl at Park Bar in Union Square. Stay awhile.
12. Take photos, point at sailors, bar hop, and get free drinks from a Foursquare special.
13. Take lovely walk in now not so humid and comfortably warm night.
14. Find reputed best falafel shop in city and eat said falafels outside. Pay $2.50.
15. Feel happy to see everyone, walk back to our hotel, and get in bed by 3am.

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