New York – Day 4

1. Wake up early and grab oatmeal and hashbrowns on way to subway.
2. Go to Bryant Park and learn there’s an hour wait for next ferry to Ellis Island.
3. Stand in the line in the sun and sweat. A lot.
4. Board ferry, take in views of Manhattan and Lady Liberty.
5. Speed through the Ellis Island Museum. Feel saddened recalling anti-immigrant rhetoric.
6. Walk to the Freedom Tower. Endure more humidity and heat. Sweat some more in lines.
7. Decide it’s less stressful doing business in NYC than being a tourist in NYC.
8. Visit the 9/11 Memorial.
9. Take cab back to Soho. Find fantastic thin crust pizza place–without Internet research.
10. Eat delicious red onion, sausage, basil pizza. Decide this and falafels were fave meals.
11. Take cab to EWR, remember how pricey it is. Rack up Foursquare points and fly home.

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