Travel Cities 2012

It’s year-end round up time!

February 3-5 Tuscon, AZ

April 4-5 San Francisco, CA
April 6-13 Tokyo, Japan
May 24-25 Glen Cove, NY
May 26-27 New York, NY

June 24-27 San Diego, CA
August 3-5 Vancouver, Canada
August 18-19 Portland, OR
August 31 – September 3 San Francisco, CA

October 21-25 San Jose del Cabo, Mexico
November 7-10 Portland, OR
November 25 – December 2 Las Vegas, NV
Decenber 14-16 Eden Prairie, MN
December 18-19 Washington DC


  • 2012 was a relatively light travel year, but I loved my time in the PNW.
  • Spent 55 days traveling, compared to the 101 days on the road last year!
  • Flew only 38,678 miles; goodbye MVP Gold status, you were good to me.
  • Visited 2 new international cities: Tokyo and San Jose del Cabo; 1 short of last year’s resolution, but FWIW Tokyo is enormous!
  • I traveled primarily for leisure: days were spent 75% for pleasure and 25% for business.
Shinjuku Gyoen - Day 2
Cherry blossoms in Shinjuku

Despite the less travel, I found myself increasingly grateful for the ability to jet off to work, explore different countries with Ryan, and be with family and friends these last six years. God has done great things for me.

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