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Last Weekend of March

Saturday morning up early and playing with baby. Waffle breakfast by Ryan. Yoga with baby in Queen Anne. Meeting Kevin, Laura, and Kat at Chinook’s for lunch. Clam chowder and other seafood by the water with view of boats. Afternoon hanging out at home. Order in dumplings from Vostok and put (reluctant) Lincoln to bed.


Sunday morning eggs and potatoes breakfast. Mass at St Ignatius. Snacks from Stumptown and stroll home. Catch up with work at home while baby naps and eats oatmeal. Laundry. Meet parents for dinner in Chinatown. Sharkfin soup, salt and pepper pork, green beans. Date night with Ryan while Lincoln plays with Lola and Granddad. Watch Aziz Ansari at the Moore! lol x 1000! Dessert out and has it really been three months since we’ve gone out together? Visit with family back home and so thankful for my parents!



Retroactive To Do List with Ryan:

1. Play with Lincoln.
2. Have Mexican brunch at Barrio.
3. Stroll to QFC for groceries.
4. Find bench and nurse hungry baby.
5. Share bench with homeless men.
6. Introduce Lincoln while waiting for Ryan.
7. Stroll home and push groceries uphill.
8. Make baby laugh for five month photoshoot.
9. Pump milk and clean bottles.
10. Take nap.
11. Drive to UVillage and add name to Din Tai Fung list.
12. Browse Papersource, Village Maternity, Container Store, and Windows Store.
13. Overindulge at Blue C Sushi.
14. Drive home and play with hyper Lincoln.
15. Read stories to laughing Lincoln.
16. Soothe teething Lincoln.
17. Go to bed.


I love Saturdays more than ever now that I have a kid. Today’s highlights: sleeping in until 9am, Ryan’s breakfast, and hanging out in PJs while Lincoln nursed and napped all afternoon. Had to do a bit of childcare and baptism reception follow-up which was less relaxing; however, it also made me want Chinese food. Late lunch was then had at Regent: Ryan got his XO beef and salt and pepper chicken wings. I got my ha gow, red bean-filled sesame balls, and honey oolong tea. Then it was light groceries and finally seeing Catching Fire while Casey was over making apple pie cookies (a belated birthday present).



1. Finish work at home while Lincoln naps.
2. Nurse baby and change diaper.
3. See Donna for first time since Big Island vacation!
4. Walk together with Ryan and Lincoln to Via Tribunali.
5. Let Lincoln marvel at lights.
6. Enjoy end of week cocktail.
7. Eat margherita pizza: pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, basil, grana padano.
8. Walk together to Petirosso and pick up desserts.
9. Go home and hang out.


As the deer longs for streams of water, so my soul longs for you, Oh God.

Daddy Down

Ryan was sick today. I am tired.

  1. Rejoice in getting 4.5 hours straight sleep.
  2. Nurse Lincoln.
  3. Change diaper.
  4. Pack breast pump parts and bottles.
  5. Carry car seat, laptop, pump bag to car.
  6. Drive to daycare.
  7. Carry Lincoln inside and put away his bottles.
  8. Drive to campus and find out all parking lots are full.
  9. Park a half mile from office
  10. Walk to office.
  11. Work.
  12. Pump.
  13. Work.
  14. Walk to daycare and nurse.
  15. Walk to office.
  16. Work.
  17. Pump.
  18. Work.
  19. Pick up Lincoln from daycare.
  20. Forget breast pump bag.
  21. Go back to office.
  22. Introduce Lincoln to co-workers.
  23. Search for breast pump bag.
  24. Find breast pump bag.
  25. Drive home.
  26. Nurse.
  27. Microwave frozen wonton bowl.
  28. Nurse.
  29. Eat wonton bowl.
  30. Play with Lincoln.
  31. Work.
  32. Write this blog post.