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My 100th Happy Day

After seeing inspiring posts from Jessica P and Maria B on Facebook, I decided to also take the 100 Happy Days Challenge. Each day I wrote one tweet describing what made happy that day. I’ve done a gratitude journal before but this was fun trying to convey my gratitude in 140 characters or less on my phone each evening. It was also easier than a journal since I am on my phone at the end of the day anyway. And while it did not mean that all 100 of my days were necessarily happy, it forced me to find those moments (e.g. the first bite of a sundae, Lincoln’s smile) on bad days too, which I suppose is the whole point!

Since this is officially my 100th happy day, I decided it warranted a post instead of just a tweet.

Day 100: Finding out L slept over 8 hours straight for the first time in weeks. Being up at 6am and feeling awake. Reading. Meditating. Napping. Leaving the house before 10am on a Sunday morning. Going on a walk with Ryan and L in the stroller over to breakfast. Meeting Zoe at Tallulah’s and agreeing this place was legit.


Receiving poetry and jewelry. Having the best blueberry pancake of my life.


Strolling around Volunteer Park, the grocery, and a bakery on the way home. Buying a bracelet. Basically spending nearly 4 hours out in the sun walking around our neighborhood.


Lincoln napping. Practicing yoga for the first time in months. Coming home to sleeping baby. Thinking of that pancake again and remembering I bought myself a blueberry lemon cake at the bakery. Lincoln making people smile at mass. Lincoln laughing at the house.

Thanks #100happydays! What next? #morehappydays? #100babydays? #100workdays? Hmmm.

Fourth of July Weekend

It doesn’t quite feel like summer in Seattle until the fourth of July. This weekend in the 80′s confirmed it. Thursday night kick off after work celebrating Marky’s birthday with beers and Thai food with his family. Friday morning brunch at our house with Zoë and Eric over. Paper shopping and a facial at U-Village. Surprise sneak peak of fireworks at home. Saturday was errands, running into Val at Elliott Bay, crafting Ernelyn’s gift, followed by amazing evening at Dahlia Lounge celebrating her 40th birthday with family. Sunday was dim sum with Jules, doing chores around the house, naps, mass, and then pizza dinner with Courtney and Sean at Z & E’s rooftop as the sun set. All while Lincoln crawled, screeched, laughed, kept us up late, played, impressed, and generally became a major handful. It was a good long weekend.


Lincoln’s Play Room

…also known as our living room.


Sleeping station. Jumping station. Jungle gym. Not pictured: Boon highchair.

My Retroactive To Do List for Saturday

I often find myself wishing I had (unrealistically) gotten more things “done” each day. It’s times like these that make me appreciate the retroactive to do list format I picked up from Jenn and Teresa. My list today:

1. Nurse Lincoln.
2. Practice yoga for the first time in weeks.
3. Stretch, plank, and raise hips to sky.
4. Have brunch at Ma’ono in West Seattle with friends.
5. Try to best fried chicken of my life (plus biscuits, gravy, etc.)
6. Nurse Lincoln, stroll him to sleep.
7. Get pedicures (more importantly, leg massage) with Jules.
8. Nurse Lincoln, play in living room.
9. Stroll down Pike and buy birthday present for Tita Z.
10. Wake up Ryan and play with Lincoln.
11. Invite girls over and watch Frozen on Xbox.
12. Feed Lincoln oatmeal and get it everywhere.
13. Eat leftover bao.
14. Nurse Lincoln.
15. Bathe Lincoln.
16. Nurse Lincoln.
17. Clean bottles and tidy living room.
18. Find glasses.
19. IM with cousin.
20. Write a blog post.

A Perfect Sunday Morning

Awaken to the sound of babbling baby, earlier than desired. Take advantage of early wake-up and walk down the Hill with Angie and Ryan (Lincoln in stroller) to the highly-acclaimed Crumble and Flake. Marvel at sunshine in Seattle. File into small bakery and order all the things. Croissants with dark chocolate. Kouign amann, similar to croissants but made with salted butter, rolled in sugar, and baked until the outside is caramelized and filled with dark chocolate ganache. Fall in love with said Kouign amann. Goat cheese and apricot jam danish, scones, and croissants to go! Discover a Seattle Parklet and enjoy pastries in the sun. Decide these croissants are the best in the world. Go back in and order more. See dear friend Casey randomly walk out of patisserie. Laugh at the improbability (or probability) of us all being at the same bakery on a Saturday morning vying for the same Kouign amann. Trade a Kouign-amann for a lavender scone, appreciate the serendipity of this morning, and walk back up the Hill together.

Photo by crystalmartel

Find new Mexican restaurant Mezcalaria Oaxaca and stop in for brunch. Again sun pouring into the floor to ceiling windows. Walls covered with great Mexican photography and shadow boxes filled with small Catholic knickknacks reminiscent of household shrines.  Try chomparado while Ryan and Angie enjoy cafe de olla. Everyone orders heuvos. Leche de madre for Lincoln. Say goodbye to Casey and continue to walk back up the Hill. Swing by the Broadway Farmer’s Market (finally!). We’ve been meaning to do this for years. More sunshine. Order ginger iced tea. Buy absinthe-infused caramels, mushroom ravioli, grass-fed beef, sweet Italian pork sausage, resist temptation for more pastries. Stroll back home by noon.

Happy Tuesday

I know it’s now spring but it’s still so surreal coming home to sunshine. Lincoln was particularly boisterous and bouncy which was fun. Ryan insisted it was fajitas night and Lincoln’s titas joined us for dinner. They even made a fresh strawberry pie for dessert! Afterward, baby went to bed bathed and fed and I finished up work.