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Last Weekend of March

Saturday morning up early and playing with baby. Waffle breakfast by Ryan. Yoga with baby in Queen Anne. Meeting Kevin, Laura, and Kat at Chinook’s for lunch. Clam chowder and other seafood by the water with view of boats. Afternoon hanging out at home. Order in dumplings from Vostok and put (reluctant) Lincoln to bed.


Sunday morning eggs and potatoes breakfast. Mass at St Ignatius. Snacks from Stumptown and stroll home. Catch up with work at home while baby naps and eats oatmeal. Laundry. Meet parents for dinner in Chinatown. Sharkfin soup, salt and pepper pork, green beans. Date night with Ryan while Lincoln plays with Lola and Granddad. Watch Aziz Ansari at the Moore! lol x 1000! Dessert out and has it really been three months since we’ve gone out together? Visit with family back home and so thankful for my parents!



As the deer longs for streams of water, so my soul longs for you, Oh God.

Mommy Kiss

  1. Sneak outside to look at the ocean.
  2. Hide from strong wind gusts behind tree.
  3. Smooches.

2012 in Photos

I love writing Year in Review¬†posts, but I am nearly always months (or years) late posting them. But since this is my blog–esta bien! Here is 2012!

Snowpocalypse 2012 - 04
Winter storm in Seattle snowed in with Val 

Weekend in Tucson
Visiting David and Teresa in Arizona with Ryan

Goodbye Office
Saying goodbye to my office in Belltown at F1 after accepting job offer at Amazon Kindle

Shinjuku Gyoen - Day 2
Trip to Tokyo with Ryan and Trevor during sakura (cherry blossoms); our first time in Asia!


Memorial Day weekend in New York to celebrate Cindy and Ken’s wedding

San Diego with Jenny - 05
San Diego for an education conference and weekend with cousin Jenny

Ryan's 30th Birthday - 06
Celebrating Ryan’s 30th birthday + Mia living with us for one summer!

Oregon coast
Road trip to the Oregon coast with Ryan, Irene and Whitney

Brenda's French Soul Food - 3
Labor Day Weekend in San Francisco with the cousins


Vacation in Cabo reading on my Paperwhite after device launches at Kindle


Thanksgiving at the Wright’s

Christmas 2012
Christmas at my parents’ house

Our Cotton Anniversary

The traditional gift for a second wedding anniversary is something related to the material cotton. It symbolizes the need for a marriage to remain strong and be able to adapt to changes. Cotton is sought after because of its practicality; the many uses include clothing and household materials. Its longlasting aspect is hoped to be reciprocal in a marriage.

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Ryan getting ready

Ryan preparingRyan preparing to give his dad’s eulogy on our anniversary (2011)