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My Retroactive To Do List for Saturday

I often find myself wishing I had (unrealistically) gotten more things “done” each day. It’s times like these that make me appreciate the retroactive to do list format I picked up from Jenn and Teresa. My list today:

1. Nurse Lincoln.
2. Practice yoga for the first time in weeks.
3. Stretch, plank, and raise hips to sky.
4. Have brunch at Ma’ono in West Seattle with friends.
5. Try to best fried chicken of my life (plus biscuits, gravy, etc.)
6. Nurse Lincoln, stroll him to sleep.
7. Get pedicures (more importantly, leg massage) with Jules.
8. Nurse Lincoln, play in living room.
9. Stroll down Pike and buy birthday present for Tita Z.
10. Wake up Ryan and play with Lincoln.
11. Invite girls over and watch Frozen on Xbox.
12. Feed Lincoln oatmeal and get it everywhere.
13. Eat leftover bao.
14. Nurse Lincoln.
15. Bathe Lincoln.
16. Nurse Lincoln.
17. Clean bottles and tidy living room.
18. Find glasses.
19. IM with cousin.
20. Write a blog post.


1. Finish work at home while Lincoln naps.
2. Nurse baby and change diaper.
3. See Donna for first time since Big Island vacation!
4. Walk together with Ryan and Lincoln to Via Tribunali.
5. Let Lincoln marvel at lights.
6. Enjoy end of week cocktail.
7. Eat margherita pizza: pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, basil, grana padano.
8. Walk together to Petirosso and pick up desserts.
9. Go home and hang out.

Daddy Down

Ryan was sick today. I am tired.

  1. Rejoice in getting 4.5 hours straight sleep.
  2. Nurse Lincoln.
  3. Change diaper.
  4. Pack breast pump parts and bottles.
  5. Carry car seat, laptop, pump bag to car.
  6. Drive to daycare.
  7. Carry Lincoln inside and put away his bottles.
  8. Drive to campus and find out all parking lots are full.
  9. Park a half mile from office
  10. Walk to office.
  11. Work.
  12. Pump.
  13. Work.
  14. Walk to daycare and nurse.
  15. Walk to office.
  16. Work.
  17. Pump.
  18. Work.
  19. Pick up Lincoln from daycare.
  20. Forget breast pump bag.
  21. Go back to office.
  22. Introduce Lincoln to co-workers.
  23. Search for breast pump bag.
  24. Find breast pump bag.
  25. Drive home.
  26. Nurse.
  27. Microwave frozen wonton bowl.
  28. Nurse.
  29. Eat wonton bowl.
  30. Play with Lincoln.
  31. Work.
  32. Write this blog post.

Mommy Kiss

  1. Sneak outside to look at the ocean.
  2. Hide from strong wind gusts behind tree.
  3. Smooches.

Family Picnic 2012

  1. Sleep in and wake up in Port Orchard.
  2. Eat breakfast of fried eggs, sausage, and pan de sal with my mom.
  3. Pick up ice, oyster bar toppings, and some salmon at Safeway.
  4. Drive to Twanoh State Park in Belfair and remember there are parking fees.
  5. Grill salmon, eat lumpia, and set up chairs.
  6. Eat pancit, fried chicken with gravy, and lettuce wraps.
  7. Watch Ryan and Ezra play and take silly photos.
  8. Discover Ernelyn’s tres leche cake, savor the almond syrup, have another slice.
  9. See teams form for horseshoes and get coffee from Mia.
  10.  Walk with Mia, Lisa, Sam, Ernelyn and Ezra to the beach.
  11. Lay out blanket on the rocks (PNW beach!) and sit in sun next to Tita Espie.
  12. Wade knee deep in the cool waters and watch the kids play.
  13. Walk to the pier and make plans to next year camp and/or bring a boat.
  14. Go back to picnic site and watch Ernelyn shave ice.
  15. Fill cup with sweet beans, coconut, fruit, ube paste, half and half and ice. Halo halo time!
  16. Play cards with the girls, mom, Tita Evelyn and Marky. Pickle!
  17. See Ryan after horseshoes, lounge around picnic site, eating potato chips.
  18. Find comfy chair to lounge in, watch kids run circles around me.
  19. Stop by the oyster bar and have some oysters.
  20. Watch Frankie continue to eat oysters.
  21. Play on the swings.
  22. Eat more oysters.
  23. Sit in a cozy chair with Ezra while he plays Angry Bids
  24. Hit a birdie with badminton rackets with Frankie and then Ryan, have no aim.
  25. Pack up and head back to Port Orchard.
  26. Get asked about when we will have kids approximately 7 times.