I love Saturdays more than ever now that I have a kid. Today’s highlights: sleeping in until 9am, Ryan’s breakfast, and hanging out in PJs while Lincoln nursed and napped all afternoon. Had to do a bit of childcare and baptism reception follow-up which was less relaxing; however, it also made me want Chinese food. Late lunch was then had at Regent: Ryan got his XO beef and salt and pepper chicken wings. I got my ha gow, red bean-filled sesame balls, and honey oolong tea. Then it was light groceries and finally seeing Catching Fire while Casey was over making apple pie cookies (a belated birthday present).



1. Finish work at home while Lincoln naps.
2. Nurse baby and change diaper.
3. See Donna for first time since Big Island vacation!
4. Walk together with Ryan and Lincoln to Via Tribunali.
5. Let Lincoln marvel at lights.
6. Enjoy end of week cocktail.
7. Eat margherita pizza: pomodoro, fresh mozzarella, olive oil, basil, grana padano.
8. Walk together to Petirosso and pick up desserts.
9. Go home and hang out.


As the deer longs for streams of water, so my soul longs for you, Oh God.

Daddy Down

Ryan was sick today. I am tired.

  1. Rejoice in getting 4.5 hours straight sleep.
  2. Nurse Lincoln.
  3. Change diaper.
  4. Pack breast pump parts and bottles.
  5. Carry car seat, laptop, pump bag to car.
  6. Drive to daycare.
  7. Carry Lincoln inside and put away his bottles.
  8. Drive to campus and find out all parking lots are full.
  9. Park a half mile from office
  10. Walk to office.
  11. Work.
  12. Pump.
  13. Work.
  14. Walk to daycare and nurse.
  15. Walk to office.
  16. Work.
  17. Pump.
  18. Work.
  19. Pick up Lincoln from daycare.
  20. Forget breast pump bag.
  21. Go back to office.
  22. Introduce Lincoln to co-workers.
  23. Search for breast pump bag.
  24. Find breast pump bag.
  25. Drive home.
  26. Nurse.
  27. Microwave frozen wonton bowl.
  28. Nurse.
  29. Eat wonton bowl.
  30. Play with Lincoln.
  31. Work.
  32. Write this blog post.

Mommy Kiss

  1. Sneak outside to look at the ocean.
  2. Hide from strong wind gusts behind tree.
  3. Smooches.

2012 in Photos

I love writing Year in Review posts, but I am nearly always months (or years) late posting them. But since this is my blog–esta bien! Here is 2012!

Snowpocalypse 2012 - 04
Winter storm in Seattle snowed in with Val 

Weekend in Tucson
Visiting David and Teresa in Arizona with Ryan

Goodbye Office
Saying goodbye to my office in Belltown at F1 after accepting job offer at Amazon Kindle

Shinjuku Gyoen - Day 2
Trip to Tokyo with Ryan and Trevor during sakura (cherry blossoms); our first time in Asia!


Memorial Day weekend in New York to celebrate Cindy and Ken’s wedding

San Diego with Jenny - 05
San Diego for an education conference and weekend with cousin Jenny

Ryan's 30th Birthday - 06
Celebrating Ryan’s 30th birthday + Mia living with us for one summer!

Oregon coast
Road trip to the Oregon coast with Ryan, Irene and Whitney

Brenda's French Soul Food - 3
Labor Day Weekend in San Francisco with the cousins


Vacation in Cabo reading on my Paperwhite after device launches at Kindle


Thanksgiving at the Wright’s

Christmas 2012
Christmas at my parents’ house