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Jamie & Ryan Cake Topper Photoshoot

To mark our first 6 months of marriage, Ryan and I took our wedding cake toppers on a meta-adventure through our past travels. Well, mainly we wanted to defrost the cake and eat it early but it remained frozen most of the night, so this is what we did instead.

Ryan and Kevin Snowshoeing at Mt. Rainier

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Travel Cities 2009

As in years past (2007-2008), below are my travels by city for the year!

January 14 – 16 San Francisco, CA
January 27 – 28 Kansas City, MO
February 5 – 8 San Francisco, CA
February 9 Cincinnati, OH
February 10 – 11 Atlanta, GA

April 12 – 16 Baja Mexico Cruise (Catalina Island & Ensenada, Mexico)
April 21 – 23 Las Vegas, NV
May 5 – 6 San Francisco, CA
May 7 – 8 Chicago, IL

June 8 – 12 Provo, UT
June 15 Memphis, TN
June 16 – 18 Philadelphia, PA
August 1 – 2 Portland, OR
S o u t h  P a c i f i c  H o n e y m o o n !
August 10 – 16 Vatulele, Fiji
August 17 Nadi, Fiji
August 18 – 25 Sydney, Australia
August 26 – 29 Lahaina, HI
October 18 – 22 Chicago, IL
October 23 – 25 Eden Prairie, MN
October 26 – 29 Boston, MA
December 7 – 10 Northridge, CA
December 22 – 26 Eden Prairie, MN
December 28 – 31 Las Vegas, NV


- View my Dopplr travel profile with Flickr photos.
- I traveled a total of 81 days and hit 20 cities this year!
- Though modest to some, for the first time Ryan and I both hit 50K miles/each.
- We spent 3 astonishing weeks in the South Pacific for our honeymoon <3.
- San Francisco and Chicago continued to be hot spots for my business travel.
- I actually traveled more for leisure than work, especially due to my fall sabbatical.
- Over the last 3 years I’ve been on 78 trips–and I’m so not tired yet!
- That all said, I’m now hankering to leave the continent again (exceedingly so).

So here’s to what 2010 holds. Merry travels, all!

Maui Honeymoon Photos

Photo by Ryan Prins

Ryan posted the last of our honeymoon photos! These shots are from the last leg of our South Pacific adventure. After Fiji and Australia, we stopped by Maui to visit where Ryan first proposed. I ♥ Hawaii. Can’t wait to find out where we’ll end up next.

Sydney: Taronga Zoo

Here are my favorite photos Ryan shot during our visit to Taronga Zoo:

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo
Whatchu lookin’ at?

This was definitely one of my favorite days in Australia. The platypus was especially thrilling to see since it was my favorite animal as a kid and I had never seen one in-person. Unfortunately, we have no platypus photos since he was exceptionally fast underwater. (Though in retrospect, I should have taken a photo of Ryan running around the aquarium trying to catch him.) In any case, what an amazing zoo!

Sydney Opera House Photos

Photo by Ryan Prins

Ryan recently finished processing his first set of photos from our honeymoon stop in Sydney and they’re pretty awesome. This is me heading up the steps when we first arrived to the Opera House. During our 9 days in Sydney, seeing the Opera House never got old, just breathtaking each time. Pretty amazing.