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Cousin Cruise Embarkation

I’m back from the cruise with my cousins! What a good trip! I’m starting to upload photos to Flickr and so far have Day 1 up; I think I’ll highlight the group shots here to start.

Day 1: Cruise Embarkation

Cousin Cruise Embarkation
All on board! Left to right: Frankie, Nikki, me, Jenny, Monty Jr., John, and Rodney

Cousin Cruise Embarkation
First dinner together, let the non-stop eating begin.

Snowshoeing to Lake Louise

A few weeks ago we went snowshoeing at Mt. Rainier National Park, my first trip of the season. It was a bit more challenging than usual, mostly due to the iciness of the snow, but still rewarding as always. Here is a short summary:

“So where’s our trail?” I asked Ryan.
“I think up there,” he pointed.

Snowshoeing to Lake Louise

“I thought you said there wasn’t going to be much elevation…”
“There isn’t, once we get to the top.”

And so we were off! Once we got the “flat part”, Ryan led the way, taking note of important signs, looking out for our safety…

Snowshoeing to Lake Louise

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Travel Cities 2008

Here are my travels by city last year!

January 10-14 Marion, IN
January 17-18 San Francisco, CA
January 21 Irvine, CA
January 28-31 Chicago, IL
February 1-12 San Francisco, CA
February 19-22 Philadelphia, PA
February 25-29 Baja Mexico Cruise (Catalina Island & Ensenada, Mexico)

April 4-6 Chino Hills, CA
April 9-14 Ka’anapali, HI
April 14-7 Honolulu, HI
April 30-May 3 Chino Hills, CA
May 12-15 New York, NY

July 11-12 Vancouver, Canada
July 15-17 San Francisco, CA
August 19 San Jose, CA
August 20 San Francisco, CA
August 26-28 Chicago, IL
August 29 – September 1 Napa, CA

September 2-3 Plano, TX
September 4 San Francisco, CA
September 25-28 Las Vegas, NV
October 9-10 Chicago, IL
October 11-12 Evanston, IL
December 6-7 Portland, OR
December 27-31 Eden Prairie, MN

You can view last year’s here:

So I traveled to San Francisco pretty often, which was sweet. Interestingly, I had nearly the same # of trips as last year, but traveled a lot less miles: no travel abroad and my BD focus shifted from the east coast to the west/central regions this year. I guess I can’t complain, less jet lag anyway.

Traveling definitely trailed off at the end of this year with the economic slowdown. I went 2 whole months without a single trip for the first time since college! Most markedly, though I traveled a little less frequently, I did more personal travel, including the birthday cruise to Mexico, our engagement trip to Hawaii, a getaway to Napa Valley, and a few smaller trips. So less biz, more leisure; I’m down with that.

Here’s to what 2009 brings…

Bobcat to the Rescue!

On Christmas Eve my parents’ place was still pretty snowed in. Then while my Dad and Frankie were shoveling the driveway, a guy in Bobcat drove up and saved the day!



Made it thru the snow by bus, now the ferry

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Snowpocalypse 2008

So as many of you know, Seattle is going through a winter storm of epic proportions… well for Washingtonians, anyway. And though it is rather inconvenient, I’ve been so blessed to not have been caught outside in it or required to travel through it. And as such, it’s been pretty fun. It sort of feels like I’m already on Christmas holiday even though I’m still working at home.

The snow on Thursday was pretty bad, at least watching the chaos on TV anyway. After work, Ryan and I took a walk around the UW campus to check out the snow and take some photos. By Friday it stopped snowing and I made it into the office via bus, which was nice since we were wrapping up an event for the Salvation Army. Later that evening we made it out to Justin & Jenny’s Hot Pot night: table of 15 enjoying some piping hot food dipped in broth with peanut sauce. (Ah I want to go back already!)

Today the most snow I saw was in the Costco parking lot, which was absolute mayhem. But now the second night of the storm is in full force outside. It’ll be interesting to see how long this snow sticks around; I’m just so unused to seeing it in the city! In any case, hopefully I won’t go stir-crazy soon with all this staying inside. For now it’s good to be cozy.