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Alki Walk

The other day Ryan and I were driving through West Seattle and as it was an unusually sunny day, we decided to stop and take a walk along Alki. I couldn’t help but notice how Seattle this scene looked: downtown skyline, the Needle, and Ryan with coffee in one hand, wearing a sweatshirt with sunglasses, and “Washington” lettered across his chest. This Minnesotan looks like a Washingtonian to me!

Also, here are some other photos I took from my phone along the way:

Alki Walk
Not bad, right?

Alki Walk
Staircase to ______ [Fill in the blank!]

Red Rock in Las Vegas

So late last month, Ryan and I traveled to Las Vegas for his company’s annual “summit”. After all the events, we spent the weekend with my cousin Nikki and her boyfriend Neil. Here are some photos from our visit to Red Rock, which was a nice sight to behold other than the usual Strip haunts.

Red RockThe drive in

Red Rock
Our gracious hosts

Red RockMe and Nikki from on high

Red RockMy favorite of the day

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(Missed you, Jenny! Hehe)

Mt. Rainier Photos Uploaded

I finally finished uploading my photos from our hike on Mt. Rainier’s Skyline Trail. Here are a few of my favorites:

Mt. Rainier Skyline Trail
The guys taking a break

Mt. Rainier Skyline Trail
David doing what David does best

Mt. Rainier Skyline Trail
Me and Ryan at Panoramic Point

Next up–Vegas!

Fremont Oktoberfest


Hiking Break on Mt. Rainier

Here’s a photo Kevin took of us when we stopped at Panoramic Point to rest and eat some food. I like how Ryan and I look so ordinary here amidst the extraordinary view. Just loved the scenery, it was really beautiful. More Mt. Rainier hiking photos to come.

Summer Company Party

Argosy Summer Party
Friday afternoon AA|RF summer party aboard the Royal Argosy