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Weekend in Vancouver

Ryan and I went on a little trip to Canada this weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary a few days early. What a beautiful (and blazingly hot) summer weekend in the Pacific Northwest! Now time for a reverse to do list!

Arrival to Vancouver
1. Drive north and stop in Everett for vermicelli bowls at a Vietnamese restaurant.
2. Cross the Canadian border with minimal wait. Realize I have a watch tan.
3. Check-in to the Westin Grand and get keys to a large corner suite(!) on 20th floor.
4. Watch Michael Phelps win his final individual gold medal on TV and meander outside.
5. Walk to the Crepe Cafe: Nutella and coconut for him, French toast for me.
6. Sleep!

1. Let sunshine into room and walk to the Twisted Fork for breakfast.
2. Eat gruyere baked eggs with amazing sourdough toast, bacon, tomato and baked beans.
3. Try the best bloody mary I’ve ever had, complete with a pickled brussel sprout.

A pickled brussel sprout in my Bloody Mary. Pretty awesome actually.

4. Browse shops on Granville (skeezy even in daylight), drive out of the city, get iced coffee.
5. Arrive at Lynn Canyon Park, hike out to the pools with the masses in hot hot heat.
6. Cross my first suspension bridge, feel wobbly legged and happy after.
7. Wade in the creek waters, lay on sun-warmed rocks, and read book.
8. Watch teenagers dive into the 30 feet deep pools, gasp at the brisk water.
9. Get really tan.
10. Hike through the park, climb beneath tree roots, listen to the sound of waterfalls.

Favorite part of weekend: wading in Lynn Creek to stay cool, reading my book atop sun soaked stones, legs in the water 8)

11. Drive back to the city and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine at the hotel bar.
12. Walk over to Sutra, a modern Indian restaurant that Ryan picked out for us.
13. Eat root vegetable kofta, lentil dal, coconut curry, raita, rice, and naan. Yum!
14. Walk to the seawall and watch the Celebration of Light fireworks show.
15. Eat crepes again on the way home. Learn there is such a thing as too much nutella.

1. Wake up and head straight to the rooftop hot tub and sauna. (Such a good hotel!)
2. Pack up and look for dim sum. Eat shrimp balls of many sorts. Feel hot outside.
3. Go to Granville Island and shop the market. Enjoy the cool air off the water.
4. Buy a new notebook and two kinds of mouthwatering local honey: wildflower and blueberry.
5. Sit by the water and soak up sun while musicians play nearby.
6. Stop at the Granville Brewery and pick up a case of crisp island lager to take home.
7. Drive to a beach to see more views of the Vancouver skyline.
8. Head south and pick up some single malt scotch at the duty free store.
9. Cross the border and eat a double beef patty burger at Five Guys in Bellingham.
10. Stop along the way and buy artwork for the wall and some plastic plates (random).