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Catholics for Marriage Equality

I approve this ad! You can find my name below:

Ad from Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington State

For my Catholic friends and family, learn about Marriage Equality:

Pope Benedict once wrote, “Over the Pope as expression of the binding claim of ecclesiastical authority, there stands one’s own conscience which must be obeyed before all else, even if necessary against the requirement of ecclesiastical authority.”

In the US bishops’ document Faithful Citizenship they write, “Conscience is the voice of God resounding in the human heart, revealing the truth to us and calling us to do what is good while shunning evil.”

We Catholics follow our consciences based on scripture, the teachings of the Church and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our individual conscience is beyond the claim of external groups, even the official Church. On the subject of approving a civil law regarding marriage equality today in Washington State, we are following our conscience. We believe the stance of our bishops is wrong and hurtful to many.

As Catholics for Marriage Equality Washington State, we believe then new law of our state is consistent with the Gospel values of love, inclusion and fairness.


1. Fr. Joseph Ratzinger, Commentary on the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, in vol. 5 Commentary on the Documents of the Vatican II, at 134 (Herbert Vorgrimler, ed., 1969)

2. Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, 17 (US Conference of Catholic Bishops, 2011)

Please vote to approve Referendum 74.

Paris: Sunday Mass in Notre Dame

The Sunday we were in Paris, we had the opportunity to attend mass in Notre Dame. On the way there, we experienced delays on the metro which made me worry that we’d miss the service entirely. So by the time we reached the exit of the St-Michel Notre Dame station, I found myself dashing across the square past the long queue of tourists waiting to enter. At the entrance there was man holding a sign that read “Messe”, and instinctively knowing this was meant for those who came to pray, I nodded my head at him as I walked straight inside.

Paris - Day 5

My eyes searched for the font of holy water as I entered, and after crossing myself, we found seats and a program which contained translations in multiple languages of the day’s readings. It was the 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time.

As the mass continued on in French, I couldn’t help but sit in awe that I was here. I thought I had been to beautiful churches before, but this seemed different. And while I may not understand French, what I do know is the mass. As the light from the stained glass windows and the sound of prayer washed over us, I came to further appreciate how this old tradition is my inheritance. With all its flaws, I love my Church.

Paris - Day 5

Seattle: Reflecting Pool at St Ignatius Chapel on Palm Sunday

Reflecting Pool at St Ignatius Chapel on Palm Sunday | by jamiey