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London Sightseeing

My parents arrived to London Saturday morning where we met at their hotel in South Kensington. It was a pretty eventful next 3 days where we went sightseeing and I had the chance to show them around (namely via Tube). During their stay we went to the Natural History Museum, Westminster Cathedral for Sunday mass, Big Ben & the Parliament Building, the London Eye, the Victoria Station area, the Tower of London, and Chinatown. By far, my two favorite places we visited happen to be the most popular tourist attractions in the city: the Eye and the Tower.

Top of the London EyeThe London Eye is one of those attractions everyone should really do at some point during their stay in London. I mean, who can pass up being suspended 500 feet in the air in a bubble overlooking the entire city? The lines were surprisingly speedy too. My Dad also purchased the little guide book that described the buildings in each direction. You really can’t beat the view.

Yay! Tower of London!The Tower of London was pretty sweet, in the nerdy history-loving kinda way. It was just neat to walk (sometimes run) around a place that I’ve read so much about. The Yeoman Warden tour was pretty entertaining and insightful, another must-do. However, I was particularly enthusiastic–admittedly, I was the only one in my 100+ person tour group who took notes the entire time.

The Crown Jewels were also a highlight of our visit there. I didn’t think I’d be too interested in that sort of thing, but it’s pretty crazy to actually see them in-person. So much sparkle… As I left the Jewel House all I could think of was how badly I wanted diamonds, hah. Read more

Mom Viewing the Crown Jewels

And I quote, “Now that’s a lot of bling!”

Frankie’s College Graduation

Congrats Frankie!!
The family outside Hec Ed after the ceremony

Congrats to my brother who graduated last weekend!! He now has a BA in “Society, Ethics and Human Behavior” (oh the irony). We are all very proud of him. <3

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Christmas 2006

Hope everyone had a blessed, festive, fun-filled, and merry Christmas!

We had one of our crazy family parties today and I am feeling beat. I’m also feeling the effects of non-stop fooding coupled with my exercise-less holiday season. However, just got back from watching “Rocky Balboa” with my brother and my cousins and if that’s not enough to get one inspired to get back into shape, I don’t know what is.

Some highlights from this weekend so far: snow upon arrival; shopping with my Dad and cousins; my Mom’s cooking; seeing “V for Vendetta”; Christmas eve mass; pancit for breakfast; family present giving; Christmas songs on tape cassette; pancit for breakfast, having all the relatives over, incl. my Lola Y.; and eating, eating, eating. Not to mention Irene and Val coming over late Christmas Eve with raspberry beer and desserts to watch “The Sound of Music” on VHS. (They ended up singing all the songs with my Mom, naturally.)

I’m sure I’ll have a pic or two uploaded when I return to Seattle. Here’s to one more day of holiday. And just to get it out of my system until next year: Merry Christmas, merry Christmas, merry Christmas.

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My Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2006Thanksgiving this year was pretty great. Some relatives even flew up from CA for the weekend and it was nice seeing my aunt, uncle, and cousin Sue Ellen. On Thursday we had the annual massive Thanksgiving lunch (or day, rather) at my aunt and uncle’s, and as usual, it was amazing. We all assembled around a long table and did our traditional go ’round and say what you’re thankful for this year. It’s a nice tradition and is often entertaining. Then after blessing the food, it was grub time with all the traditional Thanksgiving fare. My brother and I agreed it probably was the best turkey we had ever had. I also especially dug the candied yams. There was even turkey wonton soup which was pretty tasty. Then, after the first main round of eating the my brother and the other boys stumbled towards the couches to lie and watch football.

After some time, we played a Thanksgiving trivia game; two of my aunts tied for first place. Then it was a riddle-game, which I believe my cousin Sam won (and rec’d a Starbucks giftcard). Both were a neat addition to our usual festivities.Thanksgiving 2006 Then with our riddle paper we drew for charades. I was assigned “London Fog”–try acting that out without words. Somehow my cousin Ernelyn got it. Afterward, the girls took turns playing their piano recital pieces for everyone. Feeling warm, full, and drowsy, I went on a walk with some of my cousins to my parents’ house, which is about a 20 minute walk away. It was a lot colder than usual and raining, but the chill air combined with moving around was very refreshing.

When we returned, it was more munching on food and then a few games of Bingo: 25 cents a sheet. (I lost, like usual.) Needless to say, it was a pretty fun-filled day of family time. Afterward we headed back to my parents’ house with some of my cousins and we set up the Christmas tree and had pasta my Mom made.