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Maui: Day 6 Blessings

Waking up to Lincoln. Slappy Cakes deliciousness. Island drive with Ryan. Beautiful Maui vistas along the coast. Playing games with friends with ocean view outside. Three glasses of white wine. Walk to simple wedding rehearsal. Ice cream with Ryan. Running into the ocean to cool off. Staying a while. Playing with Lincoln in room. Meeting up with friends under the Banyan Tree. Watching sunset together. Walking along Old Town. Meeting with friends at brewery. Lincoln eating kalua pork and avocado. Beef stew, rice, and beer. Typing on this keyboard.

Day 7: Day Before Wedding

Day 7: Day Before Wedding

Day 7: Day Before Wedding



Day 7: Day Before Wedding

Fourth of July Weekend

It doesn’t quite feel like summer in Seattle until the fourth of July. This weekend in the 80′s confirmed it. Thursday night kick off after work celebrating Marky’s birthday with beers and Thai food with his family. Friday morning brunch at our house with Zoë and Eric over. Paper shopping and a facial at U-Village. Surprise sneak peak of fireworks at home. Saturday was errands, running into Val at Elliott Bay, crafting Ernelyn’s gift, followed by amazing evening at Dahlia Lounge celebrating her 40th birthday with family. Sunday was dim sum with Jules, doing chores around the house, naps, mass, and then pizza dinner with Courtney and Sean at Z & E’s rooftop as the sun set. All while Lincoln crawled, screeched, laughed, kept us up late, played, impressed, and generally became a major handful. It was a good long weekend.


A Perfect Sunday Morning

Awaken to the sound of babbling baby, earlier than desired. Take advantage of early wake-up and walk down the Hill with Angie and Ryan (Lincoln in stroller) to the highly-acclaimed Crumble and Flake. Marvel at sunshine in Seattle. File into small bakery and order all the things. Croissants with dark chocolate. Kouign amann, similar to croissants but made with salted butter, rolled in sugar, and baked until the outside is caramelized and filled with dark chocolate ganache. Fall in love with said Kouign amann. Goat cheese and apricot jam danish, scones, and croissants to go! Discover a Seattle Parklet and enjoy pastries in the sun. Decide these croissants are the best in the world. Go back in and order more. See dear friend Casey randomly walk out of patisserie. Laugh at the improbability (or probability) of us all being at the same bakery on a Saturday morning vying for the same Kouign amann. Trade a Kouign-amann for a lavender scone, appreciate the serendipity of this morning, and walk back up the Hill together.

Photo by crystalmartel

Find new Mexican restaurant Mezcalaria Oaxaca and stop in for brunch. Again sun pouring into the floor to ceiling windows. Walls covered with great Mexican photography and shadow boxes filled with small Catholic knickknacks reminiscent of household shrines.  Try chomparado while Ryan and Angie enjoy cafe de olla. Everyone orders heuvos. Leche de madre for Lincoln. Say goodbye to Casey and continue to walk back up the Hill. Swing by the Broadway Farmer’s Market (finally!). We’ve been meaning to do this for years. More sunshine. Order ginger iced tea. Buy absinthe-infused caramels, mushroom ravioli, grass-fed beef, sweet Italian pork sausage, resist temptation for more pastries. Stroll back home by noon.

Last Weekend of March

Saturday morning up early and playing with baby. Waffle breakfast by Ryan. Yoga with baby in Queen Anne. Meeting Kevin, Laura, and Kat at Chinook’s for lunch. Clam chowder and other seafood by the water with view of boats. Afternoon hanging out at home. Order in dumplings from Vostok and put (reluctant) Lincoln to bed.


Sunday morning eggs and potatoes breakfast. Mass at St Ignatius. Snacks from Stumptown and stroll home. Catch up with work at home while baby naps and eats oatmeal. Laundry. Meet parents for dinner in Chinatown. Sharkfin soup, salt and pepper pork, green beans. Date night with Ryan while Lincoln plays with Lola and Granddad. Watch Aziz Ansari at the Moore! lol x 1000! Dessert out and has it really been three months since we’ve gone out together? Visit with family back home and so thankful for my parents!


New Year’s Eve 2013

NYE 2013

Weekend in Oregon

Saturday at the Ocean

1. Get picked up by Irene and Whitney in the morning.
2. Stop by Stumptown for good coffee and McDonald’s for an obligatory road trip breakfast.
3. Head south and stop in Astoria at Rogue Brewery for some fluffy-crusted sausage pizza.
4. Encounter some sleepy, some scratchy, but mostly noisy sea lions.
5. Drive to Cannon Beach and visit Ecola State Park.
6. Walk along the paved paths for a view of the coastal cliffs. Inhale the brisk ocean air.

Cannon Beach, OR - 01

7. Make our way down to Indian beach. Stay a while.
8. Run around, place in sand, toss a frisbee, and feel the icy cold saltwater on our feet.

Cannon Beach, OR - 05

9. Go into town for snacks: a fig and prosciutto crepe, a coffee, and an ice cream cone.
10. Get struck by awe at the size of Haystack rock. Wonder “How did that happen?”

Cannon Beach, OR - 10

11. Travel to Portland and check into hotel before dinner in the Pearl District.
12. Start with mussels in an orange sambuca butter sauce and a guava margarita.
13. After dinner have beers at a dive bar that embraces black light.

Sunday in Portlandia
1. Enjoy gluten-free vegan local blueberry cornbread pancakes and “garden sausage”.
2. Have gas filled by an attendant as required by law.
3. Buy notebooks and cards at a paper store. Find out it’s where “Put a Bird on It” was filmed.
4. Get pedicures and drink free champagne while watching a Korean soap opera.

Portlandia - 07

5. Spend all day shopping tax-free in the Alphabet District.
6. Visit boutique clothing stores. Buy a dress and some earrings.
7. Notice Portland retail themes of birds and cattle skulls.
8. Stop for tarts at a bakery. End up with box of 16 sweets. Get free sugar cookies.
9. Drive back north and eat scrumptious blackberry almond macaroons.
10. Go far and stop in Olympia for some Thai food and get crispy sweet and sour fish.
11. Arrive in Seattle and get dropped off at home by our wonderful two friends.