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Hiking Break on Mt. Rainier

Here’s a photo Kevin took of us when we stopped at Panoramic Point to rest and eat some food. I like how Ryan and I look so ordinary here amidst the extraordinary view. Just loved the scenery, it was really beautiful. More Mt. Rainier hiking photos to come.

Hike to Panoramic Point on Mt. Rainier

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Hiking to Otter Falls

On Saturday, Ryan, Kevin, Taylor and I hiked to Otter Falls near Middle Fork, totaling 10 miles roundtrip! The trek was certainly worth it–Otter Falls is a pretty epic “hidden gem”, if I ever saw one.

First, to give you a sense of scale, here are the falls as viewed across Lipsy Lake. Find Taylor in the lower-right corner.

And here’s me and Kevin scuttling on its steep surface:

The view looking straight up from its base:

The guys looking up towards the falls:
The guys looking up towards the falls

Needless to say, the falls were pretty amazing to witness. I would highly recommend anyone in the area to make the trip. The funny thing is that we all found out about this place through our RSS feeds, specifically through this blog post. The Internet got us outdoors, go figure.

Jamie Meets Giant Tree

Ryan recently finished uploading his photos from our last hiking trip. This is one of my favorites.

Hiking Middle Fork

As you may have seen from the moblog below, last weekend Ryan and I went camping at Middle Fork with Kevin, Sean, and Ash. We had a pretty sweet site right by the Snoqualmie River and spent two nights there where Ryan demonstrated his expert fire-making skills and we successfully evaded the Washington rain (for the most part). Most notably though, our biggest accomplishment was a 13.65-mile hike on the Middle Fork trail, which needless to say, pushed us to the limit. Below are some photos I took on my phone along the way:

Hiking Middle Fork

Middle Fork Hiking

Hiking Middle Fork

Hiking Middle Fork

Last weekend’s campsite

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