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Mt. Rainier Photos Uploaded

I finally finished uploading my photos from our hike on Mt. Rainier’s Skyline Trail. Here are a few of my favorites:

Mt. Rainier Skyline Trail
The guys taking a break

Mt. Rainier Skyline Trail
David doing what David does best

Mt. Rainier Skyline Trail
Me and Ryan at Panoramic Point

Next up–Vegas!

Fremont Oktoberfest


Hiking Middle Fork

As you may have seen from the moblog below, last weekend Ryan and I went camping at Middle Fork with Kevin, Sean, and Ash. We had a pretty sweet site right by the Snoqualmie River and spent two nights there where Ryan demonstrated his expert fire-making skills and we successfully evaded the Washington rain (for the most part). Most notably though, our biggest accomplishment was a 13.65-mile hike on the Middle Fork trail, which needless to say, pushed us to the limit. Below are some photos I took on my phone along the way:

Hiking Middle Fork

Middle Fork Hiking

Hiking Middle Fork

Hiking Middle Fork

Last weekend’s campsite

Sent from my iPhone

Sun in Seattle (omg finally) – What’d you do?

So needless to say, the weather finally broke out of its dreary mid-40° with rain and we broke the heat record yesterday when it reached 90° out. And man was long overdue. I mean, I’m a definite northwest girl who enjoys her gray skies and misty rain; however, this fall/winter dragged like none other, say 8 months.

Like most in Seattle, I spent this weekend outside a bunch: Friday night BBQ at Aaron & Kelly’s,

Saturday picnic and geocaching at Lincoln Park,

and frozen yogurt with Irene at the Cal Andersen Park. How about you? :)

And although it’s supposed to rain next week, I’m hoping this changes of weather marks at least a turning point in seasons, one in which I can finally closet my long wool coat.

Enjoying Wine at the Needle

Last weekend before Aaron’s birthday party, a couple of us went up to the Space Needle for wine tasting. Ryan found a pretty sweet voucher online that got us up to the top for free, rather than the overpriced $16 it usually costs. Despite the hordes of tourists, it was pretty nice to see the view. The rain, sleet, and eventual snow actually gave it a neat effect (of authenticity?).

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