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Holiday Party Weekend

The weekend after INFO Christmas and Nutcracker, it was company holiday party time. (I really need to work on this “recency” thing when blogging. Eh well.)

INFO Crew at Avanade Holiday PartyIt started off Friday for Ryan’s Avanade Party at the Pacific Science Center. He got out of work pretty late, so we only caught the tail end of it before heading out with some of the crew to go to Schultzy’s. However, it was neat to see some folks from the Vegas Flyback there.

AA|RF Holiday Party at the SAMOn Saturday night, we went to the my agency holiday party at the Seattle Art Museum, which was pretty sweet. I hadn’t been in the SAM so in a while so it was neat to go again, let alone with a pretext of a party. Admittedly though, I enjoyed the mini crab cake sandwiches over the current exhibit. ;) Bravo to the folks who organized it, it was pretty well done.

INFO Christmas & Nutcracker Weekend

And Jamie’s holiday blogathon continues!

The following weekend Ryan and I hosted our 4th Annual A Very INFO Christmas dinner party. Saturday was spent all day in preparation, i.e. setting up a table for 18(!), planning the oven sequence, stuffing dates with goat cheese, etc. It was pretty fun getting things together, though crazy as usual during the final hour.

The Menu

Dubliner cheese
Sweet ‘n sour meatballs
Coconut shrimp
Eggroll wrapped shrimp

Zuppa Tuscana Soup (by Trevor)
CPK salad (by Kelly)
Sesame salad (by David & Teresa)

Main Meal
Aus gratin potatoes
Pilsbury biscuits
Almond lemon green beans
Christmas ham

Sea Foam Salad (by Jessica)
Strawberry cheesecake (by Kat)

It was a night of much much eating, White Elephant gifting, and general holiday merriment. Success! Thanks again for everyone who made it, it was great having the whole crew together. :)

The following day I went shopping downtown with my cousin Ernelyn and had lunch at Il Fornaio. Later that evening we met up with Ryan and Ben to see Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Nutcracker.

I had never gone and have always heard about it being a Northwest Christmas tradition, so it was good to have finally seen it, though I’ve decided that the ballet isn’t my cup of tea, despite my short ballet career as a Kindergartener.

Afterward we all went out to Via Tribunali for pizza with my cousin Eric which was really good. The place is quickly becoming my new favorite pizza place in Seattle. Overall, another holiday-tastic weekend.

Flyback Weekend in Vegas @ Red Rock

Two weeks ago I went with Ryan and the rest of the Avanade gang to Las Vegas for their regional flyback weekend. It was a pretty awesome trip and it was the first time I stayed off the Strip. I was skeptical at first, but soon found Red Rock to be one of my new favorite Vegas hotels.

To keep it brief, on Thursday and Friday while the guys were in their meetings, myself and the other significant others hit the pools, spa(!), lounges, and oyster bar inside the hotel. Afterward, we’d join them at their evening events, which included a poolside talent show party, bowling, plenty of good food and a lot of open bar. Overall, we had the chance to just enjoy all the hotel had to offer, which ended up being a blast, as well as being relaxing.

On Saturday, the 9 of us had plans to stay at New York, New York. Ryan and I hung out mainly around there, which worked out well. I think in the past I’ve spent entirely too much energy walking aimlessly up and down the Strip rather than really doing anything. Our half of the group did a little shopping, hit the casino, had dinner, saw shows, and ate dinner again FTW.

Sunday was short but still good. We visited the tables at New York, New York with the last of our chips and I later met up with my cousins for brunch with Rufino before heading out to the airport. Overall, great trip, one of my favorites to Vegas, which says much given how much I find myself there. :)

Drinks on the Links Mini Golf

As many of you know, for the last 5 weeks we’ve been playing in a miniature golf league called Drinks on the Links through Underdog Sports. Basically you play once a week with with twenty other teams for mini golf glory. Actually, it really was just an excellent way to spend time outdoors with friends on a weeknight.

Here’s my team, the Muggle Putters!
Not pictured: Trevor & Ly

It was a pretty neat league and made for a fun and relaxing Wednesday night activity after work. Plus, there happens to be a keg in the middle of the course. (Small detail.) Most notably, if you got a hole-in-one, you win a free beer or t-shirt. Who can argue with that?

Anyway, thanks to those who made it out each week to play. And to those who didn’t take part, have no fear! Next round we can sign up multiple teams–didn’t realize how much putt-putt demand there was out there!

With that, one last hoorah for the Muggle Putters! We may not have placed, but at least we looked good. ;) Here’s us on our last game during theme night.

More pics from the final game forthcoming.

Kevin’s Birthday at diVino

Since today’s officially his birthday–Happy Birthday, Kevin!

View Kevin’s Flickr Photoset from last night.

Oh diVino, our new favorite wine bar in Seattle. <3

Interestingly, we also checked out the new Fusion Ultra Lounge on 45th which was pretty empty, but eh–private party?

Cinco de Mayo Cuatro


This weekend Ryan and I hosted our fourth annual Cinco de Mayo party at my place. And since my camera’s broke and I’m now in the habit of sharing photos from other folks’ cameras, here are some pics from Kevin. Good times. My fridge is now packed with leftovers, particularly clams. But good stuff!