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Capstone Presentation @ UW

So tonight I went to this year’s Informatics Senior Capstone Presentation @ UW with Trevor, Ryan, David, Kevin, Darrin, and Sean. And I must say, it was a pretty fun evening. First it was just my usual joy at seeing familiar faces (including Tho To) and the usual suspects of the iSchool. As the program began, I spotted David M. from Atlas who I work with in Client Services and sat next to him and Trevor for the rest of the program. Later, I had the privilage to introduce David M. to some of the iSchool characters, geek out with Dowell about X-Men, scope out some projects, and welcome the two graduating seniors who will be joining Atlas this summer. That, and gab a lot. It felt much like wading in Informatics and reminded me of why I’m proud to have been a part of the program. It is not without its faults to be sure, but I really did enjoy my time in it and still enjoy being part of the extended iSchool community. In any case, it was a flurry of usability-this, interaction design-that, and many attempts of filling the “information gap”. Afterward, a handful of us went out to Ivar’s for Happy Hour, just like we did after our own Capstone Presentation.

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Bonefish Grill

Last night Trevor, Ly, Ryan, and I went out to dinner at the Bonefish Grill on Westlake. I had always been curious about it ever since I moved to Seattle, always passing it but never going in. A few weeks ago Ly and I had agreed to check it out one night and yesterday, as we were heading back from the outlets up north, we all decided to give it a try.

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Curling Baby

Ryan and Justin getting their sweep onI went curling for the first time today (on David’s insistence). And it was pretty fun. Granted it really is as dorky as it looks on TV, but it was just a kick to come into the place and see it, hang out in the “clubhouse” upstairs with food and drinks on themed tables, and go out onto the ice…with a broom. Oh hot. We all flaunted our amateur curling skills (I made a poor skip) and we even went a whole round without getting our stone anywhere near the circle (despite some mighty sweeping efforts). But all in all, it was a real good time. I mean, just being in the place made me smile. (I’ll add a link to photos once Ryan posts them.) Anyway, as they say, “Good curling!” Haha

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Halloween & the Days that Preceded It

Today at work I made myself dizzy with Deskloops. Such a great idea, but I couldn’t toggle between an IM window and browser window without the whole loop rotating. I had a headache by 3 from watching my windows loop all day.

Anyway, rewind to this weekend. Friday I went home for my Dad’s birthday. So it was chill times at home with relatives and hanging out with my parents. On Saturday, Jules and I went shopping at Ikea, determined to start really decorating our place. After living here a little over a year, we realized we’ve haphazardly filled it without much planning and recently decided to kick it up a little. Yeah, okay, maybe not quite Emeril-caliber, but felt ambitious nonetheless.

After emptying our wallets at Ikea, I went over to Ryan’s place for dinner. He made some honey Dijon chicken with mushrooms and crushed bacon, some cheddar-covered broccoli, and steamed rice! It was a really good dinner. Afterward, Darrin, Bree, and Sean came over to play some poker.

CRW_6117This second poker game wasn’t quite as satisfying as the first one–I didn’t win a single hand for nearly an hour and a half! But it was still pretty fun to hang out with friends and play. (Not to mention Bree brought these mini-brownies.) I somehow won again. At the end I was dealt some decisive hands. Oh Hold ‘Em, how trixy you are. Sean came in second and Ryan placed third again.

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First Hold ‘Em Party

Last night Ryan had a poker gathering at his place and I decided to be daring and partake. I say daring, because prior to it I had never played with people before, save the one instance a few weeks ago when he sat down and taught me how to play. But as I do like a good card game, figured it’s about time I picked up on this.

Everyone filtered in around 7PM and as usual, it was really good to see the crew all in one room again. Kevin even came and brought me some pumpkin ale! (Which was actually pretty good.) The game itself was a lot of fun. Just good times with friends, some Kanye West, and um, winning. Yeah, hooray for beginner’s luck.

Everyone around the table
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Afterward we all went out to Red Robin for dessert where Ryan and I got owned by an excess of ice cream and caramel (stomachs were cold and full afterward) before calling it a night. Am looking forward to the next time we all get together. :)

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Kat’s Birthday BBQ


Yesterday was Kat’s birthday BBQ at her house in Tukwila. And as such, Ryan and I met up with the rest of the INFO crew at her place for some bbq’ing goodness, time in the blazing sun, and badminton-foosball-karaoke-action. Good times!

Despite the heat, it was really great to be out in the sun with friends—eating oysters, haha. Now the last two times I’ve had oysters were at my family picnic two weeks ago and again at Oceanaire with Ryan and his parents. Both times the oysters were a bit too slimy and cold for my liking, but right when I had given up on this daunting shellfish, Kat’s grilled oysters convinced me otherwise. (Ha, am I really writing a paragraph on oysters?) They were great dipped in lime juice with salt and pepper and complimented with a cold beer. Add in some crazy good fried eggrolls and me sitting in the shade at a picnic table with friends and well, yeah…bliss, I tell you.

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