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Ahoy there. I haven’t been writing as often as I’d like but I haven’t really made time to sit and visit my Internet haunts much, let alone update my blog. I thought life after school was supposed to be filled with more down time but I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how happenin’ things have been. I also blame long summer days that are filled with possibility.

Usually after work I spend about twenty minutes at home before bouncing out to either (1) go out with friends, (2) attend Capoeira practice, or (3) walk over to Ryan’s. I then come home late, stay up for an hour or two before hiting the hay. So yes, time at home is even less than it was when I was in college, which is hard to believe. I do ocassionally feel the urge to write more, to stay still more. (Hah, more like do laundry more.) But the sentiment is usually fleeting.

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Graduation Hoopla

Running down Meany Hall steps in caps and gowns with Kathryn and her saying, “Ohmigosh just look at us!” Knowing your faculty and academic deans by first name. Sitting backstage next to Ryan waiting with the crew. Seeing all the faculty decked in academic garb. Feeling pride for my iSchool. Being called back to the mic. Uh. Er. Hi. Admiration for my peers. Being one of twelve undergraduates representing your college at Commencement. Our INFO profs bringing us ding dongs while we waited in line. Walking around the stadium track by college like that country you’ve never heard of in the Parade of Nations. Having the rain soak through your clothes. Fitting two people in one poncho. The wait for Mike Eisenberg to present us to the President, “I’d like to present to you the Information School’s ground-breaking Informatics students!” Standing on our chairs and screaming with the hope that our dean would see us from the podium. Gladly retreating home early without walking across the stage. Warming up and drying up in front of fireplace while wrapped in snowman blanket. The chill night with the INFO crew at Trevor’s and eating his mom’s deviled eggs. The ferry ride with friends to my parents house. Spending the afternoon in Port Orchard for a classic Y. family party. Uncle Chris’ banana cream pudding, trail walking, and lots of aunties and uncles. Trevor on piano singing with my Mom. Karaoke in my parents’ living room and David singing “I Just Called to Say I Love You” to Teresa. Surprise visit from my homie Dan and playing Virtua Fighter 2 on Sega Saturn before driving back to the Seattle. That was my graduation weekend.

The Fam

Me in the Crowd

UW Commencement in Ponchos

Into the Woods

My Mom and Trevor on Piano

Me and Ernelyn with Lola Y.

Photo Albums:
UW Graduation Photoset
Graduation Party in Port Orchard Photoset
Ryan’s Graduation Weekend Photoset

Last Week of Class

So here concludes my last week of class. The week started Tuesday, where I went to my one class of the day, had lunch with Angie at BoB, napped, and watched Naruto with David until Capoeira practice. Ah, the life of a student.

Last Week of Spring Quater 006
Kevin and Sean in front of the ice
cream cake

Wednesday after work and class, I went out to Sean’s birthday dinner with the INFO crew. I made the reservations at Kisaku, a sushi place by Greenlake. The night was fun and the restaurant was perfect. The sushi was good, the service was on top of things, and the place was just nice. Everyone (except Tho who admittedly was asleep) made it out. Seeing the whole crew together made me happy. =)

When dinner was over, Ryan, Trevor and I went to Baskin Robbins to get Sean an ice cream cake. Afterward, we all met up at Dan’s for a short while for the singing, candle blowing, cake eating-thing before heading home for the night. Then I only got five hours sleep because I was writing a final paper. Ah, the life of a student.

Thursday after work and class, we held our big three-hour IUGA transitional meeting with the newly elected officers. Over a Mexican food platter and a monster PowerPoint presentation, we “passed the torch”. It actually wasn’t bad and it was cool talking with the new officers about this crazy program of ours. At the end of the night, most of the old officers went out to Ivar’s Happy Hour for chowder. It was a good night.

Last Week of Spring Quater 009
Yeah, this was awesome. Mary Gates
Hall captured in cookie dough.

Friday was the iSchool’s Spring Fling. So if you walked by the Quad Friday afternoon and saw a keg, bails of hay, and a bluegrass band playing, then that’s where we were. Afterward, Ryan, David, Teresa and I went back to my place and watched Kung Fu Hustle. David and Teresa even made Mexican pizza for us. I was a little disappointed in Kung Fu Hustle given all the good things I’ve heard about it, but it was still fun to watch.

Not a bad final week of college classes. As for today? Ryan and I went out to Las Margaritas and then took a trip to Krispy Kreme. Yeah, Mexican food + Krispy Kremes. We’re awesome like that.

Memorial Day Weekend

The Informatics 4th and 5th cohorts battle
off in a game of Ultimate Frisbee at
Golden Gardens – Photo by Sean Fortier

The holiday weekend continued Saturday with IUGA’s End of the Year BBQ at Golden Gardens (Photos). The weather was perfect out and we had a neat shady area reserved for the event. Besides hanging out and eating grilled meat, we got to play a bit of Ultimate in the sand. It was awesome to be out there playing. It really is a shame we didn’t have enough girls for co-ed intramural this quarter. All the running around on the beach tuckered me out though, but the day went on.

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Cinco de Mayo

I <3 INFO crew. =)

Cambodian New Year

So about Cambodian New Year. On Saturday night, went out with the INFO Crew to the HUB Ballroom to see David’s Cambodian New Year Show. The food was tasty and there was a pretty good crowd. Photos from my camera of us at our table can be found here. For pictures of the actual stuff on stage, see Sean’s photos.

The title of the play was “Life is But a Dream” and it was written, directed, and starred none other that our very own David Horm! It was pretty awesome. And needless to say, it had David written all over it. I particularly liked the incorporation of the traditional Cambodian dances with the play’s plot. I’ve seen attempts at traditional dance/story combos before, but I think that this was the first time that it went really well together. Plus it was filled with lots of laughs and antics. It was great to watch and I guess this post is basically props to Dave and his club for all their hard work. (Yeah, can I get an autograph?)

Hmm. I guess that’s all I had to say about that. Anyway, I’ll leave you with pictures of me and Ryan having technical difficulties taking a decent photo together that night.

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