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Picking a Web Host

Picking a Web Host

I just like this picture because of my Google shirt.


So I can’t seem to keep my head on straight as of late and it’s no mystery why. But it’s getting out of control and I can hardly keep straight what day it is. All week I’ve been having to stop and think and double–triple check my iCal and see where I’m supposed to be. Wednesday it was telling my INFO 498 group members to e-mail me the sections for our presentation that night by 9PM thinking it was due the following morning (on a Thursday when we don’t even have class) when in fact it’s not due til next week. Or having a meeting with a professor at 1PM to go over a research project but thinking it’s at 1:30 (even though I had checked my calendar at noon to double check the time), only to lose track of time and miss the appointment completely. It’s being at the officer meeting yesterday and being asked about availability dates for a meeting in December and opening up a 2005 calendar. It’s writing September on a document that was supposed to be marked with today’s date and turning down plans for next Monday cause you think you have an eye appointment but it’s really on a Tuesday. But now that you think about it, you’re not even sure about that…In other words, it’s been a daze of a week but eventful. For example, some boy brought me a short chai at work today. That and a combination over other morning surprises made my morning, afternoon, day.

Yesterday in particular was pretty rad. Went out with the Info crew to the Google Open House party at their new Kirkland office and had a stellar time. Red wine will do that. More on this later, awaiting a certain group photo with a certain balloon-man in a tuxedo. Besides, I have a boat to catch.

[ edit ] Scratch the Google Open House synopsis. Detailed account of the evening can be found at Trevor’s blog. [ /edit ]