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Seattle: Piroshki Yum!

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Greek Food at Costas

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Dopplr for Logging Travel

Over the last year I’ve been using Dopplr to keep record of my travels. I mainly like it for its neat visuals, like the travel badge I have on my website’s middle column, or for those reading this via RSS:

It also looks at your Flickr feed, grabs photos dated on the same days of your travel and presents them inline with your trip history. (See my public profile for an example.) Brilliant!

However, I just discovered something even cooler–I was just notified I could download an annual report of my travels!

VIew Jamie’s 2008 Annual Dopplr Report

I mean, how sweet is that? What a visually engaging document! And how personalized! Plus now I know I traveled 77 days this year over a total of 29 trips! Anyway, worth checking out if you do some traveling and want a way to archive your adventures. Fun stuff.

Teddy Ruxpin’s Back

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Election Day 2008

Today at work I was notified by reception that I had a package waiting for me upstairs. Perplexed I left my desk and found out Ryan had sent me flowers! What a sweet Election Day surprise! My fiance is the best. <3 :D!

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Happy Election Day, everyone! Please go and vote. It’s been pretty astounding and moving to see the epic turnout this year. What a day for America.