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So Nielsen says 95% of blog readers don’t comment. I’d agree with that, especially when thinking of my own blogroll. But what if you gave your blog readers another option to share their thoughts in another way than filling out a form?

To give the concept a shot, I installed the ClickComments plugin, where instead of commenting, you now have the option to just click a button based on your reaction to content. I like this idea of passive feedback. Granted, its creative execution isn’t all that hot, but it’s a start. Here’s a video:

Let’s give this a try, shall we?

Okay, fine.

I tend to write blog entries, tilt my head, read, and click “Save”, intending to revisit the entry and edit perfect it later. Ultimately, I don’t. Which needless to say, leads to a lot of unfinished stuff.

It’s kinda lame, really; so here’s me declaring my intent to do otherwise and post the suckers. Just thought I’d explain the new outdated content that’ll appear shortly. :) Enjoy!

A Glimpse of Spring

Why I love living in Seattle
Taken after work Friday from a stairwell landing behind the Pike Place Market sign

However, it’s back to being rainy today. At least it’s not cold out, I guess. What a tease!

In Line at the FDR Memorial

CRW_7683, originally uploaded by rprins.


Arrived in Vegas

Funny how one can be in DC, exploring a Smithsonian, then within the same day be in Vegas at Caesar’s Palace. Just a thought.

Posts and pics on vacation coming soon. Timezone change has me so incredibly tired now. But DC with Ryan was a lot of fun. :)

Chase in Iraq

I was on reading an article titled “Iraqi-U.S. operations hindered by culture clash“, which described the ineffective cooperation between American and Iraqi troops.

Suddenly, my eye caught view of the word “Port Orchard” in the article’s text. I read further:

A cell phone rang and the Iraqi lieutenant left the room to chat, cutting off Taylor in mid-sentence.

“I would have already smacked him in his face,” Sgt. Chase Decker, 23, of Port Orchard, Wash., muttered from a corner where he and three other U.S. soldiers were watching the culture clash unfold.

Chase! It was my brother’s friend from junior high. I knew he had been serving in Iraq, but it was just crazy to stumble upon his name in the headline article of MSNBC, mouthing off in typical Chase-fashion. :)