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Changing it Up

Oh look, a new WordPress template! Was hankering to use more of that horizontal real estate that the old layout did not afford. Still playing with this theme though, so little things will be changing. Much thanks to Ryan for letting me use his photo for a header. ;)

Atlanta View

Atlanta, GA
View from hotel room last week in Atlanta, GA

Project Gingerbread

Gingerbread House
Gingerbread house decorating a la Costco Kit with Val and Irene after Christmas

White Christmas?

Back home in PO for the holiday weekend. Currently excited about the view driving in–everything here is covered in snow!! =)

Hired Holiday Help


ME: Hi, can you tell me where I can find a cardigan?

Sales Associate turns to co-worker and laughs.

SALES ASSOCIATE: (exasperated) Uh, pfft, I don’t even know what a cardigan is.

ME: You’re wearing one.

Exit Jamie.

Seattle Windstorm

I can’t sleep…because of the wind? The windstorm outside is pretty out of control. It seriously sounds like someone is having a field day with some sheet metal outside my window. Listening to the newscasts now and they’re reporting gusts as high as 63mph on the 520 bridge. Crazy.

Maybe it’s because I’m older, but can’t help but note how different this feels from the windstorm memories I had growing up. Granted, living in a wooded area there was always a huge concern for falling trees (in fact I remember my neighbor’s van was completely smashed by a fallen tree one year, but luckily not on the house). But for me, windstorms generally entailed the fun and adventure of power outages, school closures, being stranded with friends, and drinking hot cocoa. Those were good times. Now? Not so good times. Some sleep would be nice.

[ Pauses ]

I can’t even convey how loud it outside.