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Daddy Down

Ryan was sick today. I am tired.

  1. Rejoice in getting 4.5 hours straight sleep.
  2. Nurse Lincoln.
  3. Change diaper.
  4. Pack breast pump parts and bottles.
  5. Carry car seat, laptop, pump bag to car.
  6. Drive to daycare.
  7. Carry Lincoln inside and put away his bottles.
  8. Drive to campus and find out all parking lots are full.
  9. Park a half mile from office
  10. Walk to office.
  11. Work.
  12. Pump.
  13. Work.
  14. Walk to daycare and nurse.
  15. Walk to office.
  16. Work.
  17. Pump.
  18. Work.
  19. Pick up Lincoln from daycare.
  20. Forget breast pump bag.
  21. Go back to office.
  22. Introduce Lincoln to co-workers.
  23. Search for breast pump bag.
  24. Find breast pump bag.
  25. Drive home.
  26. Nurse.
  27. Microwave frozen wonton bowl.
  28. Nurse.
  29. Eat wonton bowl.
  30. Play with Lincoln.
  31. Work.
  32. Write this blog post.

The Only Moment We Really Have

Last night a dad at our PEPS group said, “I used to always think about what it would be like when things got better a few months or years from now. Then I decided to just be present and live this moment now.”