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Seattle: U-District Street Art

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Whole Lotta Nan

Lunch at Taste of India on Roosevelt



Nikki’s Birthday on Catalina

Day 2: Catalina Island

Parasailing in Catalina
The boys went parasailing while we were at the spa

Catalina Island
Everyone along the pier

Cruise Formal Night
Jenny and Nikki in front of the casino

Cruise Formal Night
Roulette with my brother

Cruise Formal Night
Happy birthday, Nikki!

Cousin Cruise Embarkation

I’m back from the cruise with my cousins! What a good trip! I’m starting to upload photos to Flickr and so far have Day 1 up; I think I’ll highlight the group shots here to start.

Day 1: Cruise Embarkation

Cousin Cruise Embarkation
All on board! Left to right: Frankie, Nikki, me, Jenny, Monty Jr., John, and Rodney

Cousin Cruise Embarkation
First dinner together, let the non-stop eating begin.

Birthday Dinner at Barolo

February 23

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San Francisco: Rat on Cat on Dog

So while I was in San Francisco last week, I walked by this guy with a rat sitting on top of his cat, sitting on top of his dog, while people on the street stopped to take photos of him. I had since regretted not doing the same, since it was so bizarre (and a perfect moblog opportunity!), but hadn’t wanted to be late to meet a friend for dinner. Luckily, Kevin found this photo on Flickr and I’m pretty sure it’s the same guy (I mean, how could it not be?). I can only hope Kevin sees him too while he’s in the Bay Area this week! With that, enjoy!