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Inauguration Day at the Paramount Theatre

Photos by Ryan Prins

Seattle: Pie & Tea with Briana

Pie & Tea

Portland Photos Now Posted

Photo by Ryan Prins

Ryan uploaded his photos from our day in Portland this weekend. Check ‘em out!

Mini Cupcake from Dahlia Bakery

Apple cupcake with cream cheese frosting and apple compote filling–and cute to boot!





Mt. Rainier Photos Uploaded

I finally finished uploading my photos from our hike on Mt. Rainier’s Skyline Trail. Here are a few of my favorites:

Mt. Rainier Skyline Trail
The guys taking a break

Mt. Rainier Skyline Trail
David doing what David does best

Mt. Rainier Skyline Trail
Me and Ryan at Panoramic Point

Next up–Vegas!

Fremont Oktoberfest