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West Seattle Night Shoot

Photo by Ryan Prins. Light path created by Trevor Iwaszuk. Long exposure.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Seattle

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Maui Honeymoon Photos

Photo by Ryan Prins

Ryan posted the last of our honeymoon photos! These shots are from the last leg of our South Pacific adventure. After Fiji and Australia, we stopped by Maui to visit where Ryan first proposed. I ♥ Hawaii. Can’t wait to find out where we’ll end up next.

Charlestown: Bunker Hill

I just finished uploading my photos from Boston. This is Angie at Bunker Hill. We were pretty tuckered out by the time we reached here, slightly underestimating the trek to Charlestown ha! In any case, it was neat to visit but challenging to imagine that a battle took place in this seemingly ordinary park.

Maybe this helps?
Bunker Hill

In the end, I was happy to get my National Historic Site stamp once we visited the museum across the street.

Also note Ang’s Dunkin Donuts coffee. That’s the one thing I miss here on the west coast. The rumors are true, it’s good stuff.

Minnesota: Fall Stroll & Caribou Cofee

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Des Moines: Sunset at Redondo

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