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Sweet Rice Porridge at Portage Bay

Organic, fair-trade jasmine rice, organic coconut milk,
organic raisins and a touch of brown sugar and cinnamon.
Topped with toasted coconut.

This is my new favorite menu item at Portage Bay. It makes me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy. Delicious and incredibly filling. This bowl? Three servings, easy.

Valencia Latte at B&O Espresso

latte with orange essence, nutmeg, ghiradelli cocoa, sans whipped cream

K, so I took a sip first.

Dinner at Barrio

Tonight Ryan and I went to try Barrio with Trevor and Ly. Funny enough, they thought we were meeting at Barolo downtown and it wasn’t until Trevor saw our Gowalla check-in’s at Barrio that he realized they were at the wrong restaurant. (Who says geo apps aren’t useful?) To his credit, Borolo is a favorite of ours, but I digress.

Two quick highlights:

1) I decided to be adventurous on my entree choice and it paid off.
2) I had the best churros of my life. Yeah, I said it.

The entree I decided to try was the Dungeness crab chile relleno. Wait, Dungeness crab? It was served with a potata-pea puree, dry-cured chorizo and corn crema. The photo looks more like a baked potato, but if you look closer you start to see the big chunks of crab.

Dinner at Barrio

It was delicious. I never imagined these ingredients all in one dish. Besides, I’m a sucker for Dungeness crab.

Then there was dessert. Or well, Ryan’s dessert. He ordered the churros which sounded pretty pedestrian until I tasted one. They were so perfectly crispy and airy, yet soft and practically creamy on the inside. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it because we were all too busy marveling its texture. That and the conversation soon turned to Trevor’s “corn ice cream” which was um, interesting.

So yup, Barrio was good. Service was a bit slow, but maybe that’s what the extensive tequila menu is for. The tortilla soup is more like an okay chili. But the chile relleno, churros and the short rib quesadilla we ordered as Trevor and Ly made their way up the Hill were all pretty amazing. And yes, the candles there are cool. Thanks William for the recommendation and Ryan for the reservation. Hasta luego, Barrio.

Dinner at Barrio | by jamiey

Seattle: Goat Cheese Turnovers @ Lola

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with pistachios, honey and mint!

Seattle: Sashimi at Shiro’s

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Quite frankly, this may be the best sushi in Seattle. The salmon sashimi is exquisite.

Learn more about Shiro’s

Seattle: Mushroom Pizza at Serious Pie

roasted mushrooms, truffle cheese 16

Photo by Jenny Ching