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Weekend in Oregon

Saturday at the Ocean

1. Get picked up by Irene and Whitney in the morning.
2. Stop by Stumptown for good coffee and McDonald’s for an obligatory road trip breakfast.
3. Head south and stop in Astoria at Rogue Brewery for some fluffy-crusted sausage pizza.
4. Encounter some sleepy, some scratchy, but mostly noisy sea lions.
5. Drive to Cannon Beach and visit Ecola State Park.
6. Walk along the paved paths for a view of the coastal cliffs. Inhale the brisk ocean air.

Cannon Beach, OR - 01

7. Make our way down to Indian beach. Stay a while.
8. Run around, place in sand, toss a frisbee, and feel the icy cold saltwater on our feet.

Cannon Beach, OR - 05

9. Go into town for snacks: a fig and prosciutto crepe, a coffee, and an ice cream cone.
10. Get struck by awe at the size of Haystack rock. Wonder “How did that happen?”

Cannon Beach, OR - 10

11. Travel to Portland and check into hotel before dinner in the Pearl District.
12. Start with mussels in an orange sambuca butter sauce and a guava margarita.
13. After dinner have beers at a dive bar that embraces black light.

Sunday in Portlandia
1. Enjoy gluten-free vegan local blueberry cornbread pancakes and “garden sausage”.
2. Have gas filled by an attendant as required by law.
3. Buy notebooks and cards at a paper store. Find out it’s where “Put a Bird on It” was filmed.
4. Get pedicures and drink free champagne while watching a Korean soap opera.

Portlandia - 07

5. Spend all day shopping tax-free in the Alphabet District.
6. Visit boutique clothing stores. Buy a dress and some earrings.
7. Notice Portland retail themes of birds and cattle skulls.
8. Stop for tarts at a bakery. End up with box of 16 sweets. Get free sugar cookies.
9. Drive back north and eat scrumptious blackberry almond macaroons.
10. Go far and stop in Olympia for some Thai food and get crispy sweet and sour fish.
11. Arrive in Seattle and get dropped off at home by our wonderful two friends.

Weekend in Vancouver

Ryan and I went on a little trip to Canada this weekend to celebrate our wedding anniversary a few days early. What a beautiful (and blazingly hot) summer weekend in the Pacific Northwest! Now time for a reverse to do list!

Arrival to Vancouver
1. Drive north and stop in Everett for vermicelli bowls at a Vietnamese restaurant.
2. Cross the Canadian border with minimal wait. Realize I have a watch tan.
3. Check-in to the Westin Grand and get keys to a large corner suite(!) on 20th floor.
4. Watch Michael Phelps win his final individual gold medal on TV and meander outside.
5. Walk to the Crepe Cafe: Nutella and coconut for him, French toast for me.
6. Sleep!

1. Let sunshine into room and walk to the Twisted Fork for breakfast.
2. Eat gruyere baked eggs with amazing sourdough toast, bacon, tomato and baked beans.
3. Try the best bloody mary I’ve ever had, complete with a pickled brussel sprout.

A pickled brussel sprout in my Bloody Mary. Pretty awesome actually.

4. Browse shops on Granville (skeezy even in daylight), drive out of the city, get iced coffee.
5. Arrive at Lynn Canyon Park, hike out to the pools with the masses in hot hot heat.
6. Cross my first suspension bridge, feel wobbly legged and happy after.
7. Wade in the creek waters, lay on sun-warmed rocks, and read book.
8. Watch teenagers dive into the 30 feet deep pools, gasp at the brisk water.
9. Get really tan.
10. Hike through the park, climb beneath tree roots, listen to the sound of waterfalls.

Favorite part of weekend: wading in Lynn Creek to stay cool, reading my book atop sun soaked stones, legs in the water 8)

11. Drive back to the city and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine at the hotel bar.
12. Walk over to Sutra, a modern Indian restaurant that Ryan picked out for us.
13. Eat root vegetable kofta, lentil dal, coconut curry, raita, rice, and naan. Yum!
14. Walk to the seawall and watch the Celebration of Light fireworks show.
15. Eat crepes again on the way home. Learn there is such a thing as too much nutella.

1. Wake up and head straight to the rooftop hot tub and sauna. (Such a good hotel!)
2. Pack up and look for dim sum. Eat shrimp balls of many sorts. Feel hot outside.
3. Go to Granville Island and shop the market. Enjoy the cool air off the water.
4. Buy a new notebook and two kinds of mouthwatering local honey: wildflower and blueberry.
5. Sit by the water and soak up sun while musicians play nearby.
6. Stop at the Granville Brewery and pick up a case of crisp island lager to take home.
7. Drive to a beach to see more views of the Vancouver skyline.
8. Head south and pick up some single malt scotch at the duty free store.
9. Cross the border and eat a double beef patty burger at Five Guys in Bellingham.
10. Stop along the way and buy artwork for the wall and some plastic plates (random).

New York – Day 4

1. Wake up early and grab oatmeal and hashbrowns on way to subway.
2. Go to Bryant Park and learn there’s an hour wait for next ferry to Ellis Island.
3. Stand in the line in the sun and sweat. A lot.
4. Board ferry, take in views of Manhattan and Lady Liberty.
5. Speed through the Ellis Island Museum. Feel saddened recalling anti-immigrant rhetoric.
6. Walk to the Freedom Tower. Endure more humidity and heat. Sweat some more in lines.
7. Decide it’s less stressful doing business in NYC than being a tourist in NYC.
8. Visit the 9/11 Memorial.
9. Take cab back to Soho. Find fantastic thin crust pizza place–without Internet research.
10. Eat delicious red onion, sausage, basil pizza. Decide this and falafels were fave meals.
11. Take cab to EWR, remember how pricey it is. Rack up Foursquare points and fly home.

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New York – Day 3

1. Sleep-in and walk to Jane Restaurant in Greenwich Village for amazing brunch.
3. Drink complimentary cocktails and eat biscuits and lobster eggs benedict.
4. Walk through Chelsea and Meatpacking District. Enjoy the relative quiet.
5. Visit Highline Park. Decide it’s worth the hype. Admire creative reuse of space.
6. Buy refreshing ice cream sandwich made of ginger cookies and green tea ice cream.
7. Catch cab to 30 Rock. Accept that it beats the smelly subway.
8. Take elevator to top with swarms of international tourists. Take in the view in stifling heat.
9. Miss last ferry to Ellis Island, decide to explore Midtown instead.
10. Buy new flats and gold rings at BCBG Max Azria. Pick up a new dress. Visit Grand Central.
11. Meet Brie on a crossstreet and experience anlaysis paralysis on Yelp.
12. Find an Italian restaurant with lots of of candlelight, awkward waiters, and excellent pasta.
13. Walk through West Village, realize proximity of Brie’s apartment to our hotel.
14. Order drinks at hotel bar, sit outside, and hear about Brie’s new life in Manhattan.

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New York – Day 2

1. Depart the mansion with Jen, Mark & Shar and drive to Queens for dim sum.
2. Eat really good shrimp balls in shark fin soup, chicken sticky rice, and dumplings.
3. Walk around and find neat Chinese bakery and tea shop (black sesame milk tea, please!).
4. Drive Jen to LGA and sit in mandatory traffic jam on the way into Manhattan.
5. Spy the New York City skyline in the distance and become nostalgic.
6. Drop off rental car and hit the streets, lose wheel on baggage, rest back the hotel.
7. Begin hour long fiasco trying to get to Central Midtown during a rainstorm via foot/subway.
8. Meet Ryan at Gilt restaurant convinced we lost our reservation. Get seated anyway.
9. Pick best entree: bouchot mussels with uni, green garlic dry ice cream, and edible shells.
10. Walk around Times Square. Endure humidity and swarms of tourists before subway.
11. Meet DC friends Zoe, Aimee, Angie & Carl at Park Bar in Union Square. Stay awhile.
12. Take photos, point at sailors, bar hop, and get free drinks from a Foursquare special.
13. Take lovely walk in now not so humid and comfortably warm night.
14. Find reputed best falafel shop in city and eat said falafels outside. Pay $2.50.
15. Feel happy to see everyone, walk back to our hotel, and get in bed by 3am.

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New York – Day 1

I really enjoyed Jenn’s Retroactive To Do List, so I started to make my own while in New York last weekend. I tend to over-complicate the writing process and thought I’d give this a shot instead. Hope that’s cool, Jenn!

1. Sleep in until 11am, wake up in a mansion in Long Island.
2. Have lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant with Ryan, Shar and Mark. Order too much food.
3. Meet up with Jenilynn back at the mansion. Admire her nice bridesmaid hairdo.
4. Rent bikes and ride to the coast with Ryan and Mark. Feel the ocean breeze on our faces.
5. Bike back uphill, return to the mansion, and jump into pool outside our room.
6. Drive back into town and try out a local bakery. Get ready for big night.
7. Attend Cindy and Ken’s ceremony, get blown away by bride’s beauty, witness vows. Love.
8. Partake in a cocktail hour + buffet, including a pasta station, prime rib, and a roasted pig.
9. Discover there are 3 rooms of food, waiters handing out hors d’oeuvres, AND an open bar.
10. Feel like we’re in the Capitol of Panem.
11. Take part in greatest bridal party intro: dancing, stunner shades, and LED tambourines.
12. Celebrate with friends. Dance with Ryan. Eat three course (second) dinner.
13. Dance s’more. Visit the dessert bar one too many times. Chat with Jenilynn.
14. Hang in the billiards room, see the newly weds, return to our room at the mansion at 2am.
15. Agree with everyone to use phrase “at the mansion” whenever possible.

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