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Kalaheo: Pineapple French Toast

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Sausalito: Sailing in the Bay

F1 West Coast Team Event
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Olympics Men’s Short Track – Apolo Ohno Finish

Photo by Ryan Prins

So far, Ryan has posted photos from our first 3 days in Vancouver. Unlike my photos, he captured some pretty neat shots of the athletes. This one is of Apolo Ohno finishing in 1st place during the short track qualifications. It was a crazy intense moment; I’m pretty sure I completely burst with Olympic spirit during those final seconds. Love it.

Vancouver 2010: Great Britain Bobsleigh Crash

Today at Whistler Ryan and I happened to be at the infamous turn 13 during the British bobsleigh crash, pretty surreal. Thankfully everyone was okay.

BBC on British bobsleigh crash


Me and Ryan at the cauldron on my birthday (above the chain-link fence, hehe)

The streets of Vancouver are pretty wild during the Olympics, especially at night. Last night was particularly festive with the Men’s hockey win and a few other medals for Canada. It feels like we’re the only ones not wearing a flag for a cape lol. Pretty awesome though to see the national pride. Now if only I could get "O Canada" out of my head.

Vancouver: Olympic Cauldron

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