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Old Town Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria

This week I had the opportunity to travel back to Alexandria for work after a year-long hiatus. It wasn’t until my plane was pulling into the DC area did I realize how much I missed my monthly trips there.

It was great to stay in familiar territory in Old Town, spend time in the District to see friends, and ride the Metro back. I was only on the ground for 24 hours but I managed to make the most of it. Will definitely have to consider a trip out again in the Spring to make more time to see my beloved VA / DC / F1 peeps. Until next time!

Washington DC: Gallery Pl-Chinatown Metro

Washington DC: Abraham

On February 11, 1865, Abraham Lincoln consented to having another life mask made of him by the sculptor Clark Mills. The process began with an application of oil over Lincoln’s face, followed by the application of a thin coat of wet plaster paste that dried quickly. After fifteen minutes, Mills asked Lincoln to twitch his face, and the plaster loosened, falling off in large pieces into a cloth. The pieces were then reassembled to form the finished mask. Comparing this mask with the one done in 1860 by Leonard Volk, it is clear how great a toll the Civil War had taken on Lincoln’s health.

National Portrait Gallery

Washington DC: Abraham | by jamiey

Washington DC: Rosslyn Metro Stop

Washington DC: Rosslyn Metro Stop | by jamiey

Arlington: Air Force Memorial View

Arlington: Air Force Memorial View | by jamiey

Washington DC: Late Night Monumenting

Outside the Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC: Vietnam Veterans MemorialVietnam Veterans Memorial