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introPLAY Picnic at Discovery Park

Photo by
Kevin Pittman

Today we had a picnic at Discovery Park to celebrate the end of our introLEAGUE. The weather didn’t look so hot this morning with its completely overcast skies and temperature in the low 50′s. However, by popular demand we went out anyway, in true Northwest spirit.

Once there, not only was the picnic fooding really good, but we also took a trail that led us down to the water. Also, since none of us had Frisbees or the like to play with, it forced us to get creative with the games. Like really creative. (See photo above.) That, and the sun came out at the end! Overall, it was a wonderful way to spend the Memorial Day afternoon.

Sun in Seattle (omg finally) – What’d you do?

So needless to say, the weather finally broke out of its dreary mid-40° with rain and we broke the heat record yesterday when it reached 90° out. And man was long overdue. I mean, I’m a definite northwest girl who enjoys her gray skies and misty rain; however, this fall/winter dragged like none other, say 8 months.

Like most in Seattle, I spent this weekend outside a bunch: Friday night BBQ at Aaron & Kelly’s,

Saturday picnic and geocaching at Lincoln Park,

and frozen yogurt with Irene at the Cal Andersen Park. How about you? :)

And although it’s supposed to rain next week, I’m hoping this changes of weather marks at least a turning point in seasons, one in which I can finally closet my long wool coat.

The Griddle

Last weekend when I was in California with family, my cousin Jenny took us to the famous Griddle Cafe in LA. We didn’t see any famous people on this visit; but in truth, the pancakes are the real stars at this joint.

Inside the Griddle

Upon arrival, just reading the menu had me practically hopping in my seat with excitement. The one I picked out was a coconut pancake with rolled oats, butterscotch chips, and pecans…

My coconut butterscotch pancake

It was huge! I’ve never seen a pancake stack like this before, let alone filled with gourmet goodness. It was on.

Pancakes arrive--game on!
“We can do this.”

The inside of my Griddle pancake
Must keep eating…pancake…

Here’s John and I after being devastated by our unfinished, insanely delicious pancake stacks:


I don’t think I’ve ever been so dominated by a food before. Not only was I unable to finish half my stack, but I was upset I couldn’t fit any more pankeke goodness in me, my head was spinning, and it hurt to walk afterward.

In any case, a wonderful experience. I definitely plan to go again next time I’m in town (with Nikki!). Though next time I’ll probably agree to split a pancake with Jenny this time, as she had originally suggested.


So I’ve finally discovered by snow sport of choice: snowshoeing.

That said, today Ryan and I went with Kevin and some family and friends snowshoeing. And right now, I must admit I’m pretty tuckered out. It was a pretty leisurely trek though and the weather was actually rather nice, not that cold and even sunshine.

The day was full of fooding (as it should be) and I personally had Chinese barbecue pork with mustard, PB&J sandwich, pears, and hot chocolate on our “trail”. For dinner we stopped at a bar and grill where I had a fried oyster sandwich with salad, which was actually really tasty. Good stuff!

I don’t have pictures from today yet, but I’ve been meaning to share this one from our last trip to Mt. Rainier. So with that, I leave you with my snow puppy:

Snow Puppy


Discovery Park

Lately, now that wedding season is over, Ryan and I have been spending more time outdoors, namely in parks and trails geocaching. Today we checked out Discovery Park and I must say it is one of the nicest parks we’ve been to in the Seattle area.

It’s huge, which despite the many visitors makes the place feel spacious and very peaceful. The trails were nice and wide and most notably, the look-out points along the way were absolutely gorgeous. We even got to pick blackberries!

D’oh! Ryan–your thumb!

Discovery Park

Anyway time to eat an apple tart.

Geocaching Sunday

Today I went geocaching with Ryan and Kevin around Ravenna Park and the Arboretum. We found a record 9 caches in the three hours we were out and about. Glad it finally feels like Spring (minus the allergies).