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April in Seattle

For the first time since November, I don’t have a trip lined up. Traveling has a been a lot of fun but it’s also good to be home to and see friends, enjoy life in Seattle, and get back into the swing of things. That and it’s nice having my suitcase off the floor and relocated to my closet for a bit.

Weekend Summary

On Friday, Ryan and I went out with Trevor and Ly to Joey’s on Lake Union for the first time. The ambiance was really great and the trendiness (think square plates and hip Vegas-esque bar) took me by surprise (was thinking more kangaroos). The food was pretty good too, including a truly stellar chocolate lava soufflĂ©. Overall am looking forward to going back.

Saturday we went geocaching with David and Teresa in Magnuson Park and thankfully it stopped raining long enough for us to go. Am definitely looking forward to more time outdoors this spring and summer.

Today I made a rare trip to the east side; had dim sum with Jules’ family and visited Stephen’s place for the first time. When not out and about, this weekend I watched a lot of West Wing with Ryan (we’re on season 6 now) and daydreamed of owning a Roomba iRobot. One day…

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Week of 10/15-10/22

Last week was pretty eventful and chipper. Haven’t done this in a while, so here’s a daily log:

Monday night after work Ryan made dinner and we ate together before I left to Capoeira. I usually get off work too late to do anything before practice, so it was a nice exception.

Tuesday night I cooked fried rice and met up with Val to attend a Stroum series lecture at UW by Dr. Schiffman, titled “God, Humanity and the Universe in the Dead Sea Scrolls”. It was brief but insightful, with standing room only in the HUB auditorium.

Shrimp Boil!Wednesday night Ryan came over, I made a shrimp boil, and we watched the Top 50 Most Devasting [Sports] Hits on TV. Wham. Val then came and made her weekly visit.

Thursday night was Irene & Chrysti’s show at Nectar. Since her set wasn’t until late, I had dinner over at Ryan’s and bummed around there first before heading back to my place.

Hungry Pines at Nectar From there, I met up with Julian and Val and we drove down to Fremont for the show. I had never been to Nectar before and it had a nice atmosphere. We sat outside under heat lamps, which I’ve been having a growing affinity for as of late in this cool fall weather. They had a good show and it was nice night out. Read more

Volunteer Day @ Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity in TacomaToday I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity for the first time, through an event sponsored by my company. It made for a very early Saturday morning, but it was actually pretty cool. I went with Lesley and we got staffed on a project to build stairs up to two of the Habitat houses. Other projects on the site today included painting, putting up a wall in a backyard, working on a roof, and building tool sheds. Albeit I’m not exactly your ideal concrete block carrier, but it was amazing how much work got done with so many hands. It was also just interesting to learn more about Habitat as an organization.

What always gets me on volunteer projects are the people you come across. Today it was the project leaders with their construction expertise and patience with us office-acclimated volunteers (I mean, try directing two analysts and an accountant to build the top of a stairwell, hah). Or actually seeing one of the families who lived in the house next door peek their heads out of their own Habitat home. Or hearing about the couple who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary by sponsoring the particular house we were working on, and still made it out to work on the site. It’s always about the people.

Also there, Habitat was presented with a check for $10,000 from aQuantive, which was pretty neat and unexpected from us. We still don’t know who provided our snacks and lunch (it looked very home-cooked, possibly from the church group who worked with us?). However, I did learn that the coffee laid out was donated by a local Starbucks, making this my second aQuantive sponsored-volunteer day with Starbucks contributions present (the first was at the Cheery Street Food Bank).

Anyway, after today’s work I’m pretty exhausted. I spent the rest of my Saturday cleaning off the dirt, hanging out at Ryan’s, eating pasta, and watching West Wing on his computer. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.

The West Wing - The Complete Fourth SeasonCurrently Watching
The West Wing – The Complete Fourth Season

A Long Short Week

SO Mid-Year Workshop WeekSo last week at work was the Site Optimization Mid-Year Workshop Week. Even though I didn’t go into work until Wednesday (was in MN prior), it seemed like a long week. Not in the overly busy kind of way, but it was just very event-filled. Tuesday night was a Mariners game with Atlas’ SO team. Wednesday night was an AO team dinner at the Melting Pot, where we practically gorged ourselves with fondue. And then Thursday night was our wine tasting event at Portalis in Ballard, which was probably the best part of the week, hanging out and having a chance to chat with the folks from out of state/country.
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Back from Minnesota

Last Thursday Ryan and I left to Minnesota to visit his family and attend his cousin’s wedding. It was a really great trip and it’s weird to be back already since it seemed to fly by. Most of the time was spent hanging out with family, eating really good food, and doing things outside.

Minnesota: Day 1The first day we were there (after thoroughly sleeping in) we went out to Famous Dave’s BBQ, so that was tasty. And then it was off to the real venture of the day: The Minnesota Zoo. My favorite animal was this ape. Ryan’s were the prairie dogs. (We somehow missed the giraffes though.) Then later that night I got to meet a bunch of Ryan’s family at Wildfire where we had dinner with the whole gang.

Minnesota: Day 2 - AJ & Heather's WeddingSaturday was AJ’s wedding day, so besides a quick Target run (they’re everywhere over there), the day was spent at that. It was a really nice wedding and lots of ATD in the decor. It was a general good time and I think that was the first time dancing with Ryan (after two years) so that was nice. :) Later that night we went out to a casino with his brother Kyle where I won $15 in blackjack. Yeah, hard core.

Sunday was a pretty chill day where we woke up to go to church and then had brunch at a place where you get a complimentary caramel cinnamon roll. Needless to say, pretty awesome. The rest of the day was loafing around the house and napping (what Sundays are made for) followed by a dinner with more relatives.

Minnesota: Day 4 - Fort SnellingMonday was our final full day there so after breakfast we went out to Fort Snelling. I’m a sucker for anything historical and it looked interesting so we went despite the fact that Ryan’s been there a half dozen times. After watching a canon demonstration and making our way around there, we left to Minehaha Falls State Park–to go geocaching!

Minnesota: Day 4 - Minehaha FallsThat was pretty awesome, it was multi-cache with 9 coordinates and a bit of math to find it, climbing up and down the park’s stairs for two hours. (Well, we did have a Dairy Queen break in between.) It was a good cache and we later went to grab one at a park by his parents’ house which wasn’t as enjoyable and involved me getting lots of bug bites. Then it was dinner with the family and off to the airport! Talk about a flurry.

It was a good trip and am already looking forward to the next time we’re out there.

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One Hot Summer Weekend

So it was one hot weekend to be sure. 90′s in Seattle? No thanks.

On Friday I took a ferry home to my parents house and spent the evening with family. I made cupcakes my cousins. Or rather, ate cupcakes my cousins made. My Dad even busted out the sparkling cider for the ocassion, hah. It was a nice chill night in PO. (Albeit I was panicky at first with nothing to do before cousin Mia showed up. ;))

The West Wing - The Complete Second SeasonSaturday I went to my Kung Fu studio early in the morning. This is the second weekend I’ve commuted back for class after almost a two-year hiatus. I finally decided to take one course there this summer: Knife Defense. It’s been very challenging but fun…we’ll see how this quarter goes. Afterward I went home to have lunch with my parents before taking a ferry back to Seattle. Once there, I met up with Ryan and we went geocaching! It was a lot of fun, but soon we were hot, exhausted, and hungry. We ended up going to Rusty Pelican in Wallingford for a pasta dinner and ended the night watching West Wing. We’re finishing up Season 2 right now. (No spoilers, please.)

On Sunday we went out to dim sum @ Purple Dot for Ryan’s birthday. (See previous entry.) And then left with Darrin and Bree to Safeco to watch the Red Sox game. It was our first game in sunny weather so that was really nice and our shade in the stands was great. So were the garlic fries. The game was actually the best we’ve seen so far and they actually won this time, so double plus. We had to leave a bit early though to return to the car, although it was starting to get wicked hot where we were anyway. Afterward we went on a Costco run and I got a haircut (which was refreshing after a day under the blazing sun). Later that afternoon we ended up getting some Red Robin to go and watched s’more West Wing. Good stuff.

Then Monday was Ryan’s real birthday (and a golden birthday at that) so we made use of his new grill and had a pretty sweet steak dinner, complete with potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, salad, and lava cakes. It was muy fantastico.

Now the weather’s thankfully cooled down. I have a feeling I’m going to melt though when I go to MN next week!