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A Long Awaited Weekend

Well this week was rather long, namely due to a series of events to attend and prepare for, coupled with an ear infection of all things. Gah. But alas, Friday afternoon came, and I was truly looking forward to the weekend.

It’s the end of Atlas Holiday week at work, everyday at 4PM for a week, it was drinks and snacks at our other building a few blocks up. Been so busy at work, was only able to make 2 of the 5 holiday week shindigs, but Friday’s cheese and wine had to be hit up. Afterward Ryan picked me up and we went shopping at Costco for today’s INFO Christmas dinner. I don’t know what I would do without Costco.

Afterward we had dinner at his place (a Costco honey mustard pork and potatoes thing) and went out to Target. I love Target. Got some Christmas gifts out of the way, in addition to buying an extra table for INFO Christmas, looked at a bunch of snowman stuff, and we were on our way. It was a fun night.

Saturday I slept in. It was glorious. And so was the weather. Just been having these gorgeous sunny crisp days here lately. I took a ferry over to Port Orchard for the day, to spend some time con la familia. The ferry ride was particularly pretty, that and my pumpkin scone and Starbucks caramel apple cider, really made my morning.

At home my mom taught me how to cook pancit. It’s amazing watching my Mom cook. Afterward ate lunch with my Mom, Dad, Tita Rose, and Lola. Hung around the house chatting with my parents, until I convinced my Dad to stop watching Rambo and come out shopping with me.

Ah, good old Silverdale. Got new glasses. Did Christmas shopping. And had dinner at Arby’s with my Dad. Good times. Came home later in the evening where Jules picked me up from the ferry and I wrapped presents by our Christmas tree.

Just got back from Red Robin now with Ryan and just getting some things done before tonight’s celebrations. And ah it’s the 4th week of Advent. I feel like I have so much to write, but just haven’t gotten around to it. And only 7 days ’til Christmas, 8 days ’til Nicaragua. Anyway, I gots errands to run.