Travel Cities 2010

As this has become an annual tradition, below is a summary of my trips over the year! 2010 began as a down year in travel as I started a new job and focused on buying our first home, but it was still good nonetheless:

January 18-22 Alexandria, VA
February 3-6 San Francisco, CA
February 22-27 Vancouver, Canada

House hunting, buying, moving …

June 8-10 Mountain View, CA
July 1-5 Poipu, HI
July 25-30 Alexandria, VA
August 20-23 Las Vegas, NV

September 11-13 Eden Prairie, MN
September 20-22 Milwaukee, WI
October 7-9 Chicago, IL
October 18-19 Princeton, NJ
October 20-22 Alexandria, VA
November 25-29 Eden Prairie, MN
December 13-17 Alexandria, VA
December 27-30 Eden Prairie, MN

Past travel recaps: 2007 | 2008 | 2009

In short:

  • Grounded in the Spring. For the first time in years I spent over a 3+ months in Seattle. And I must say, it was tough. The timing was right though, as we were pretty swamped with the house hunt.
  • I traveled a total of 61 days, visiting 10 cities. Last year it was 20 cities over 81 days, so less often but longer stays. Also 50/50 split between business and leisure this year.
  • Despite the drop in frequency, still managed travel about 44K miles, which is pretty close to what I did last year, due to more east coast trips.
  • Most often, I found myself in DC for work and in Minnesota visiting family. Only visited the Bay Area twice and pretty much stayed in the country besides the Winter Games.
  • Noteworthy trips of the year: Vancouver for the Olympics and my birthday, 4th of July in Kauai, and Vegas with my cousins!
  • The tally: 93 trips total over the last 4 years.

And now? New Year’s Resolution for 2011: Visit 3 [preferably new] countries. Let’s go!

Kauai from the Air
Kauai from the Air – Photo by Ryan Prins

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